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White Labeled Uber Clone Script
White Labeled Uber Clone Script

How did taxis remain one of the most convenient, safer, and the only means of travelling during the Pandemic? Almost every mode of transportation was restricted and bounded by social distancing norms regulated by the government and the World Health Organization (WHO), even taxis. So, the question is, how did taxis gain the trust of the people and become the most preferred travelling mode during and after the Coronavirus Pandemic? The answer lies in the features and regulations of the Taxi Booking App.


Not denying the fact that the Pandemic made everyone suffer, even the big market players from the food industry, salons, spas, airlines, and even doctors. So, how did taxi businesses overcome the hardships? Well, here are the answers you have been looking for:

  1. Since taxis are personal and you can assure that they have been sanitized or disinfected, people think them safer than other transport modes. App Like Uber introduced travelling norms such as wearing a face mask during the ride, sanitizing or washing hands regularly, keeping only sanitized products in the taxi, etc.
  2. The drivers were strictly commanded to wear a face mask and hand gloves during the ride. To ensure that drivers are following the rules, the app introduced a feature wherein the driver has to click and upload their picture with a face mask on.
  3. The Taxi Booking App also introduced other features that assured people that they travelled in a Covid-free environment. Restricted limit of passengers per taxi, safety ratings & reviews, safety checklist, and ride cancellation are just a few good features curated to keep people safe from contracting the virus while travelling in a taxi.

Now that you are aware of what made taxi businesses more preferable during the Pandemic and post its course, it is time that you also build an app that offers something more than just a ‘Taxi Ride.’


A ‘ White-Labeled App is the best way to build an app similar to Uber but much more advanced, seamless, user-friendly, yet affordable to develop. These are pre-built, mature, and market-tested apps that are ready to launch after the Entrepreneur has rebranded it with their company’s name and logo, matching colour theme, and add-on features that they need. 

  1. Try the taxi clone ‘Demo Apps’ first before you move on to purchase them. A free trial of the app will give you an idea about rebranding and customization and the apprehension of its workflow.
  2. Next comes the final purchase and discussion about the app requirements with the Project Manager of a ‘White-Labeling Firm.’ After you have decided to purchase the app and made its partial payment with Payment Milestones, the Uber Clone App Development experts will start building the apps. 
  3. The Entrepreneur now has to review the apps on the firm’s development server. Only after the Entrepreneur has checked and approved the apps will the firm launch the apps.
  4. The last step involves the final app launch on Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and even Huawei App Store (only if the Entrepreneur wants to).


Smart Entrepreneurs, the time is ticking, and the competition is towering, so what’s taking you so long to get started with app development. There are millions of benefits in this digitized taxi booking solution, so take your first step toward developing the most successful App Like, Uber.

Discuss your app requirements with ‘White-Labeling’ experts today itself.

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