Top 7 Best RC Truck Under 100 in the Market [Best Review-2021]

Best RC Truck Under 100
Best RC Truck Under 100

Are you in search of Best RC Truck Under 100? We can recommend the best products of the companies here. In this hard and fast timetable hobbies like racing, bashing and driving are the best. Many people hold this hobby as their job.

Remote control trucks are always preferred for racing and knocking qualities. Although they are hard-hitting and good superiority varies from company to company. Batteries are of Ni-Mph or Li-Po type. But for practised persons Li-Po is fit.

The Best RC TRUCKS are manufactured for speed. As they are light-weight, so the more is the speed. Smooth riding and full control on steering is the quality of these RC TRUCKS.

The best mode is that it is made of highly dwindling internal parts so the question of tearing away of these trucks by hitting is vanished now. Transmitters are used so that a control range of 20 to 30m is considered good. As these RC TRUCKS can ride on roadways, grass, rocky tracks and muddy surfaces so it is the exemplary choice for the customers.

There are two kinds of wheeled drive RC TRUCKS. One is of two wheels type RC TRUCK   and the other is of four wheels type RC TRUCK. Due to safety and speed issues four wheels typed RC TRUCK are mostly used. But both types are the choice of customers.

All the remote cars are tried and loved by the customers. As remote-control trucks have become a broad market, it can be difficult for a new one to decide which is the best for them to buy Here we can recommend you with the best guiding idea for RC TRUCKS.

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Table for the Best RC Truck Under 100

1.Traxxas 77086-4 – X-Maxx Brushless Electric Monster4.6Buy Now
2.Arrma AR406144 Radio Control Car Spares5.0Buy Now
3.VCANNY RC truck waterproof4.6Buy Now
4.DEERC DE45 RC Remote Control Truck4.4Buy Now
5. DEERC RC Cars 93004.4Buy Now
HAIBOXING RC Cars Hailstorm
4.5Buy Now
7.BEZGAR 1:14 Scale Remote Control Car4.4Buy Now
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Why RC TRUCKS under 100 are choice of customers?

People who want to do smart work like to make their kids fulfil their hobbies in low budget mostly prefer under $100 RC TRUCKS. Although these are of low prices according to the latest research of 2020, rock crawlers and F1 replicas are mostly wholesaled. Rock crawlers can easily ride on rocky beaches, hills, mountains etc. F1 REPLICAS they are mostly fast and realistic. Most common models are 1/16 but to play inside your home 1/ 14 model is best. According to quality and function, wise RC TRUCKS don’t show best in headlights but can cover a distance up to 80m.

For kids who mostly break toys and are desperate to try new ones, it is the reasonable advice to them to buy such products.

Pricing of RC truck

$ 15 to $ 30RC trucks are unstable in price and usually have a short battery life (usually 15 minutes). These are good holiday toys, but they don’t last long.
$ 30- $ 70 At this price, you can get a variety of trucks from a distance, but you can’t expect it to be very good without paying more.
Best RC Truck Under 100


RC Trucks says that racing, bashing and rock crawling is a stress-relieving hobby. those who are new to this field, we can advise you here with the best trucks for the beginners.



 The best-rated reviewed RC trucks are the nitro equipment. These have a lot of power and stress holder, which makes them really fast and flamboyant. However, this kind of remote-control truck needs to maintain more speed and crawling power.

They contain nitromethane fuel so that their warranty is always less than a year. But if you are looking towards a powerful and tampering type of play device for children then this will be a great vehicle for you.

Here are some of the great models of 2021 nitro gas RC trucks which are most frequent choice of customers.

2. SHORT COURSE RC trucks:

These trucks are specially built for speed. They are weight watcher than stadium trucks so they have small wheels. Their suspension and appearance are not as good as other types of RC trucks. Overall, they’re manufactured for flat surfaces and don’t navigate on rough grounds very well. Short course trucks cost less expensive.

As RC trucks are a hobby of millions of people so RC short course trucks are a great form of racing in the states, they race short course trucks on closed tracks, usually in football stadiums. The other types of trucks are Trophy trucks.

These are the ones that run in the desert or open course. A short course would be the one with many goes and only short segments of straight tracks. RC Truck Racing is quickly evolving with multiple classes of electric and even Nitro vehicles. Among them the best is;

3.RC TRUCKS light BAR:

LED RC trucks lights are very ornamental with illumination. And you can control them as needed. Lights can also be added by you with a little creative imagination. At nights these lights serve a decent vision to travellers. Sorts of lights available to customize RC trucks:

4. RC TRUCK Bodies:

Bodies are the consequent part of any machine. Thus, for RC truck its bodies are the main thing. while considering your own RC truck you must sure that the body you are buying is suitable for your Truck or not. Most important information regarding body size is usually its type, wheelbase and width and length. For example, for some RC truck bodies like;

The On-road bodies are even more specific as many road cars are based around racing rules. Most RC bodies are made up of 0.5 to 1.8mm thick polycarbonate (PC) plastic. PC is a transparent material that is very flexible and durable. Nowadays PVC plastic is used because these are inexpensive. However, you must keep in mind the difference between PVC and PC.

1. Traxxas 77086-4 – X-Maxx Brushless Electric Monster

Best RC Truck Under 100
Buy Now

Product ManufacturerTraxxas
Product  BrandTraxxas
Weight19.05 pounds
Product Dimension33 x 23 x 13 inches
Item model77086-4-REDX
Best RC Truck Under 100

TRAXXAS Stampede 4X4(1/10) 4WD RTR is the award-winning truck. Its electronics and battery compartments are fully proficient for the use of customers. Snow, water, mud, hilly areas do not slow down the speed and efficiency of this truck. movement and range of distance so this truck is fully in control.

It has painted body, best durability,4A dc charger and 2.4 GHz arc. these specifications show that the truck is the best step for the newcomers who are desperate to fulfill their hobby irrespective of any fault.

  • They’re fun
  • great for beginners
  • No guarantee
  • Battery issues

2. Arrma AR406144 Radio Control Car Spares

Arrma AR406144 Radio Control Car Spares
Buy Now
Product BrandARRMA
Product Dimensions LxWxH5.5 x 20.9 x 11.5 inches
Product Weight12.8 Ounces
Best RC Truck Under 100

AARMA 1/10 KRATON 4X4 4S quickly run on hilly trails, rice tracks and muddy progressions. Large, hard wheels hubs with durability of 17mm wheel hexes are captain complexion of RC trucks. AARMA 1/10 kraton is ready to run with SRX200 waterproof receiver with battery, charger and transmitter of your selections.

Speed is also mind-blowing and performance is excellent and is a reason for beginners. Moreover, unified fans are also present for the cooling process.

  • Good speed and easy to control
  • Economical in price
  • Clutch problems for the motor on 4S power
  • Cannot find spare parts.

3. VCANNY RC truck waterproof

Buy Now
Motor390 brushed motor
Battery7.4V batteries
Item Weight8 Ounces
SteeringSteering dual servo with HD Aluminum servo saver
Radio2.4Ghz 6 channel fly sky digital radio
Dimensions13 x 15 x 17 inches
Best RC Truck Under 100

VCANNY  RC trucks is a mud proof, waterproof RC Truck . Because these trucks have to go on many muddy areas and moisture tolerant we always try to pick for the best RC truck like REDCAT Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler. It’s durable, goes up to 30 mph, has waterproof electronics, and is great for beginners.

RC TRUCK WATERPROOF design topographies are like they are big, weighty with powerful motors and can deal with bouncing.

These have high speed, inherent motor power, USB charger, corrosion-resistant and shock-free. They are secure and durable, flexible, and easy-going PVC rubber tires. They are 4-wheel drive and ideal for uphill.

remote control car for boys
VCANNY RC truck waterproof
  • Long battery time
  • economical
  • 6month to 1-year warranty
  • Not really fast

4. DEERC DE45 RC Remote Control Truck

Buy Now
Dimensions10.83×7.48×6.1 inch
Manufacturer recommended age8 years and up
Batteries2 Li ion batteries required
Best sellers Rank#13691 in toys and games
Item#24 in Hobby RC trucks
Customer review4.4 out of 5. 2900 ratings
Best RC Truck Under 100

It contains 2 Rechargeable Batteries with extended Running Time and equipped with Two 3.7V/1200mAh high-quality rechargeable batteries for about 90 mins time.

All you need is the best battery time and this product has this specialty’s graze-resistant metal shell can effectually prevent damage caused by smashes. It also prevents the damage caused by the collision furniture, walls, and rock.

The four wheels are all packed with the shock absorbing properties. TWO 3.7V/1200mAh high-quality rechargeable batteries will extend the driving time up to 90minutes (45 min for each battery) which depends on the operation. Its performance is excellent right out of the box as compared to low-priced   models because it has fully developed steering and speed control. 

DEERC DE45 RC Remote Control Truck
DEERC DE45 RC Remote Control Truck
  • Long battery time
  • economical
  • Lights won’t turn off
  • Not really fast

5. DEERC RC Cars 9300

Buy Now
Product dimensions9.25x7x4.13incg
Weight2.44 pounds
Model number9300
Mfg. recommended age8 years
BatteriesLi polymer
Best sellers rank#2468 in toys and games
Customer reviews4.4 out of 5
Date first availableSep9, 2019
Best RC Truck Under 100

DEERC RC Cars 9300 are the highly Speed Remote Control Cars for Kids and Adults having 1:18 Scale 30+ MPH ,2.4GHz All Terrain. It has 2 Rechargeable Batteries of 40min playing and that is best if you want a scheduled playing time between their studies.

High quality PVC material shell with a protective flick and more stable when the car is turning at a high speed and this is the way you want for turning vehicles. Armed with high toughness tires that enable this remote-control racing car to drive on all lands freely.

The four wheels are all packed with the shock absorbents, so that they can absorb the vibrations caused by the crashes on the wheels. The RC car is crowded with TWO 7.4V/850mAh high-class rechargeable batteries and the USB charger.

 DEERC RC Cars 9300
DEERC RC Cars 9300
  • Nice and good looking
  • Good turning functions
  • 6month to 1-year warranty
  • Motor heat up sooner and need time to cool

6. HAIBOXING RC Cars Hailstorm

Buy Now
Product dimensions9x7x5.8inch
Weight2.2 pounds
Model number1:18scale all topography RC car
Mfg. recommended age8 year and up
BatteryLi metal
Best sellers rank#2800 in toys and games
Customer reviews4.4 out of 5
Released dateJuly4, 2017
Best RC Truck Under 100

HAIBOXING 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car 18859E, 36 KPH High Speed 4WD Electric Vehicle with 2.4 GHz Remote Control, 4X4 Waterproof Off-Road Truck with Two Rechargeable Batteries. Its bumpers, wheels are managed to handle stress and turning functions.

 It employs a new 4WD framework with front and rear gear variances, and metal drive channels.   It is capable to protect this truck against crashes and smashes. Powered with outstanding and fast brushed RC 380 motor in interminably efficient drivetrain .2.4GHz proportional radio control system serves a stable control range within 280 feet.

HAIBOXING RC Cars Hailstorm
HAIBOXING RC Cars Hailstorm
  • Easy to handle
  • Shock absorbent
  • No warranty
  • Battery shortage problems

7. BEZGAR 1:14 Scale Remote Control Car

Buy Now
Product dimensions12.6x5x8.9inch
Weight2.2 pounds
Model number8817E
Mfg. recommended age8 years and up
Batteries2AA batteries
Best sellers rank#3409 in toys and games
Customer reviews4.3 out of 5 stars
Best RC Truck Under 100

BEZGAR Grade 1:14 Scale RC Car EZGAR 17 Toy Grade 1:14 Scale RC Monster Vehicle Truck Crawler with Two Rechargeable Batteries. Car has a strong and scratch-resistant shell and Al-alloy frame, which can excellently prevent damage caused by vibration.

The RC car is able to conquer various terrains such as mud, snowed etc. Two original battery packs allow you to experience an extended and continuous gaming time. The battery voltage is 6v and battery capacity is 800mAh. A full charge will take up to 180 minutes. Front headlights make it more like a real racing car.

BEZGAR 1:14 Scale Remote Control Car
BEZGAR 1:14 Scale Remote Control Car
  • Economical
  • Good speed
  • Battery over discharge
  • No warranty


RC trucks having different brands are always an amazing product to fulfil the hobbies of desperate players. Whether you want to give a gift to your children or you want to play, these products are the best choice.

Be sure to crisscross the battery specs. check how long the charging lasts. You can change various machinery, such as the tires, to go faster on different territory. Always make sure that your RC truck is shock absorbent and can have a good speed.



A: It all related to brands. The best remote-control trucks tend to have waterproof microelectronics, but always check the description to be sure.


A: Naturally, RC truck batteries last between 20 to 40 minutes. However, you can advance to a classier battery that will give you up to 50 to 60 minutes of playing time.

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