Top 10 Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile | 2022 😍🔥

Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile
Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile

The Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile can charge your laptop, mobile, and other devices on the go. This portable power bank helps you keep your laptop battery safe and energy. This power bank also helps your laptop stay charged for up to 3 days without charging. Your laptop is one of your most important assets as a business owner, and keeping it powered up is critical. It would help if you stored power wherever you could get it.

Power banks are devices that help us keep our phones and laptops charged up when we are on the go. They are great devices to have when traveling or out for the day. However, these devices usually come with a high price tag, and if you are throwing money away on just one power bank, you could be buying a couple of them. Power banks are your best bet. But which one is the best among the many brands available in the market?

Recommended Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
Omni 20+ Laptop Power Bank 20000mAhAnker Portable Power Bank 27000mAhROMOSS Power Bank 40000mAh
4.6 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
Power bank for both laptop and mobile

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Comparison Table on the Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile:

1. Goal Zero Fast Charging Power Bank4.5
2.Omni 20+ Laptop Power Bank 20000mah4.6
3. Anker Portable Power Bank 27000mAh4.4
4. Baseus Laptop Power Bank 20000mAh5.0
5. EWEMOSI Portable Laptop Charger 31200 mAh4.4
6. SinKeu Portable Charger 24000mAh4.3
7. Powkey Portable Power Bank 42000mAh4.3
8. Omars Portable Laptop Charger 40200mAh4.2
Krisdonia Power Bank 50000mAh
10. ROMOSS Power Bank 40000mAh4.5
Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile

1. Goal Zero Fast Charging Power Bank – Best Power Bank for MacBook Pro

Goal Zero Fast Charging Power Bank
Best Power Bank for MacBook Pro

Core Details:
ManufacturerGoal Zero
Dimension7.5 x 1 x 3.7 ”
Weight 1.4 Pounds
BatteriesSingle Lithium-ion battery
Model NoGZ22060
Best power bank for macbook air
Detailed Description:

Goal Zero Sherpa 100 PD QI Power Bank is recommended for people who love to keep their Qi-compatible devices charged and ready to use on the go. The Sherpa 100 PD is an ergonomic, lightweight, and sleek portable power supply with high-speed USB ports and a Power Delivery port that charges compatible laptops and tablets. It is available in various colors, including black and blue, to suit your style.

Power up with this Fast Charging Power Bank. It charges your device up to three times the speed of any standard power bank. The Power Delivery feature charges compatible devices like laptops or tablets at the same rate as a wall outlet. There are five USB ports and a 30W power output with 2.1Amp output per port, making it easy to charge multiple devices. Charge your Qi-compatible phone in 10 hours or less. Its lightweight, sleek design makes it easy to fit in your purse, pocket, or backpack. It comes with a micro USB cable for charging.

You can also conveniently charge your smartphone, tablet, or any Qi-compatible device by simply placing it on the Sherpa 100 PD. The Sherpa 100 PD is also compatible with most USB charging cables and can provide power to larger devices, such as an electric bike. The Bolt can fully recharge most smartphones from dead to full in under 2 hours, featuring high-speed charging. The Bolt is also compatible with any USB power source, including solar panels, car chargers, and portable power packs.

  • Best Power Bank for MacBook Pro.
  • Sleek design.
  • Lightweight,
  • Travel ready.
  • Highly Priced.

2. Omni 20+ Laptop Power Bank 20000mah – Best Power Bank for MacBook Air

Omni 20+ Laptop Power Bank 20000mah
Best Power Bank for MacBook Air

Core Details:
ManufacturerOmnicharge, Inc
Dimension5 x 4.8 x 1.1 ”
Weight 1.1 Pounds
BatteriesSingle Lithium-ion battery
Portable laptop battery chargers and power banks
Detailed Description:

Charge your laptop and phone simultaneously with this Omni 20+ portable charger & power bank. This power bank features 20,000mAh of power, enough to recharge most laptops fully, and is designed to charge tablets, smartphones, speakers, and other devices via USB ports. The Omni 20+ features input ports including USB-C, two USB-A ports, and an AC port. It can even power a laptop via the AC port. The Omni 20+ Laptop Power Bank 20000mah has an LED display that provides real-time status updates on the charge levels to manage your device’s power easily.

Use it to recharge your laptop, power your smartphone, or keep your camera ready for a day of adventure. This portable power bank has a compact design that is easy to fit in a backpack, handbag, or briefcase, and can even slip into your pocket. This power bank has a USB Type C, USB Type-A, and a DC output for powering larger devices and managing your power. The Omni 20+ is compatible with tablets, Ultrabooks, power tools, and many other devices, so you can use it to charge all your electronics.

This power bank features a sleek black design with a rounded edge, so it fits easily in your hand. The Omni 20+ is available in your choice of various finishes, including a customizable option so that you can add a personal touch to your power bank. This power bank is ideal for use on the go or for storing in a backpack for emergency charges. The Omni 20+ is a must-have for anyone who needs their electronics always to be ready.

  • Best Power Bank for MacBook Air.
  • Compatible with All Your Smart Devices.
  • Fast Charging capability.
  • Come with the USB-C charging cable.
  • Available in few colors.

3. Anker Portable Power Bank 27000mAh – Best Power Bank for iPhone

Anker Portable Power Bank 27000mAh
Best Power Bank for iPhone

Core Details:
Dimension7.9 x 4.7 x 1.2 ”
Weight 1.9 Pounds
BatteriesSingle Lithium-ion battery
Model NoA1710
Best power bank for phone and laptop
Detailed Description:

The Anker Portable Power Bank is the world’s first portable battery that charges phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and many other devices. With a capacity of 27000mAh, it can charge an iPhone 8 more than 8 times, an iPad mini 4 more than 3 times, an iPad Air more than 1.5 times, and a MacBook Air more than 1.5 times. The PowerHouse also features a built-in AC wall outlet for powering devices, an LED flashlight, a USB-C port for charging USB-C laptops and devices, and a USB-A port for charging USB-A devices.

Always have an extra charge when you need it. Portable and compact, the Best Power Bank for iPhone is perfect for charging your devices on the go. No more “No Service” messages, no more dead phone batteries, enjoy the convenience of having a backup power source when you need it. Avoid the hassle of being wall-plugged with this slim, foldable.

Whether you’re on a camping trip or taking a long cross-country flight, never worry about your electronics running out of power. The PowerHouse gives you up to 14 hours of cell phone calls or 12 hours of full brightness laptop use. The maximum power output of the AC port is 100W.

Use it to get a quick charge on the move or ensure you have enough juice to get you through the rest of the day. The power bank also has a handy built-in AC wall outlet adapter, so you can use it to charge your laptop or other devices too.

  • Best Power Bank for iPhone.
  • It has Built-In 100W Outlet.
  • Provides Simultaneous Charging.
  • Stable Power Supply.
  • Slightly havier.

4. Baseus Laptop Power Bank 20000mAh – Best Power Bank for Air Travel

Baseus Laptop Power Bank 20000mAh
Best Power Bank for Air Travel

Core Details:
Dimension6.37 x 5.27 x 0.7 ”
Weight 1.0 Pounds
BatteriesDual Lithium-ion batteries
Model NoPPBLD100-S
Portable laptop power bank
Detailed Description:

The Baseus 20000mAh Power Bank is a slim smart power bank for travelers that provides quick and safe charging for your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and more. The power bank’s LED screen displays the power remaining, voltage, current, and charging time.

The Baseus Laptop Power Bank 20000mAh is the world’s thinnest and lightest power bank under 2.54 ounces. Featuring fast charging and smart IC technology, the Baseus power bank also packs a full 20000mAh capacity, providing more than enough juice for all your devices. Each Type-C port supports 100W power output, more powerful than ever before.

This power bank is so portable that you can keep it in your handbag, backpack, or pocket. The LED status display shows the real-time percentage of the remaining battery, voltage, current, and charging time. This power bank is compatible with most kinds of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and it is the best mobile power bank to make your mobile life more convenient.

The Best Power Bank for Air Travel charges two devices simultaneously with its built-in dual USB-C ports. Additionally, it charges two devices at once via its 2 USB-A ports, perfect for smartphones and tablets. The power bank can simultaneously charge three devices at 5V/2.4A, 5V/1A, and 12V/2A. The power bank is fairly small, making it easy to take anywhere and perfect for travelers.

  • Best portable power bank for laptop.
  • Lightweight Design.
  • Two-way Fast Charging.
  • 100W high power product.
  • N/A.

5. EWEMOSI Portable Charger 31200 mAh – Best Portable Power Bank for Camping

EWEMOSI Portable Charger 31200 mAh
Best Portable Power Bank for Camping

Core Details:
Dimension2.7 x 2.7 x 8.3 ”
Weight 2.7 Pounds
BatteriesSingle Lithium-ion battery
Model NoN5
Best portable laptop power bank
Detailed Description:

Never misplace your chargers and adapters again! This portable charger power bank allows you to charge anytime, anywhere, making your work and life more convenient. EWEMOSI Portable Charger 31200 mAh is a versatile power bank that could be used for your cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It’s convenient for outdoor sports, travel, and business trip.

Charge your laptop, tablet, and other devices anywhere and anytime with the EWEMOSI 31200mAh Best Portable Power Bank for Camping. With this portable power bank, you can charge your devices on the go, no longer worrying about the insufficient power supply. Equipped with a USB output, this charger power bank allows you to charge your devices directly through the USB cable. This is recommended best power bank with ac outlet.

The Type-C output port allows you to directly charge your new MacBook or Google Chromebook Pixel with the type-C cable. Compact and lightweight, this charger power bank is easy to carry, making it ideal for carrying in your backpack or suitcase while on a business trip or traveling. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry with you, and the smart cooling system allows the charger to maintain a safe temperature.

  • Portable power bank for macbook pro.
  • Emergency Battery Backup.
  • Additional LED lights.
  • Fast Charging,
  • Bit Heavy.

6. SinKeu Portable Charger 24000mAh – Best Power Bank for Travel

SinKeu Portable Charger 24000mAh
Best portable charger for phone and laptop

Core Details:
Dimension6.8 x 3.8 x 1.78 ”
Weight 1.1 Pounds
BatteriesSingle Lithium-ion battery
Model NoHP500S
Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile
Detailed Description:

SinKeu Portable Battery Charger is your go-to device when you need to power up your devices on the go. With multiple ports to charge your devices and a large extended capacity battery, it’s perfect for traveling and keeping your smart devices charged. Peak power delivers a 24000mAh portable charger that’s enough to charge your iPhone, iPad, and tablets from zero to full. When charged fully, it can be used to charge your iPhone up to 10 times.

SinKeu Portable Charger 24000mAh is a top-quality portable charger. Made to charge your phone, tablet, AirPods, game controllers, Bluetooth speakers, and many more devices. The Best Power Bank for Travel features dual USB output ports and a led display. This portable charger can charge your devices more than once. It fits perfectly in your bag or purse; no need to worry that your phone will die on you. Perfect for emergencies and travel. No more overcharging your devices; this best power bank with ac outlet features intelligent charging with high-speed and overcharge protection.

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SinKeu Portable Charger Cell Phone Portable Charger is a lightweight, portable charger to meet the need for power on the go. Dual USB ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time. You can use SinKeu Portable Charger to charge computers and provide power to CFL light bulbs, fans, and other small appliances. With the 20V / 1.5A (Max) high power output, you can charge your devices quickly. SinKeu Portable Cell Phone Charger is your best partner for your smart life.

  • Best Power Bank for Travel.
  • Universal Charger.
  • Remarkably Compact design.
  • Built in AC power supply.
  • Expensive.

7. Powkey Portable Power Bank 42000mAh – Gaming Laptop Power Bank

Powkey Portable Power Bank 42000mAh
Best power bank for laptop and phone

Core Details:
Dimension7.8 x 1.8 x 5.7 ”
Weight 3.3 Pounds
Batteries18 Lithium-ion batteries
Model No4328422536
Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile
Detailed Description:

Powkey Portable Power Bank 42000mAh is one of the most unique and innovative power banks ever made. It provides real-time power to your laptop, phone, or any other USB-compatible device. It is the latest product of Powkey. It has a strong battery backup that lasts for days. It has a built-in cable which can be easily accessible. It is the perfect blend of power and style.

Coming with a bag, you can carry it anywhere with you. A very thin and light power bank. Only 315g, about the same weight as a water bottle. It can be operated continuously for about 7 days. It is made of PC fire-proof material. When it is charging, there will be a LED indicator. There is a LED light indicator on the top of the power bank. With a USB charging cable, connection with the laptop is more convenient.

The PowKey 42000mAh portable power bank comes with a 2.1A output, enabling the device to charge most laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The PowKey uses the latest lithium polymer battery technology to provide the user with up to 3 devices’ charges at once.

  • Gaming Laptop Power Bank.
  • Affordable.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Fast charging.
  • High capacity.
  • N/A.

8. Omars Portable Charger 40200 mAh – Best Power Bank for Hiking

Omars Portable Charger 40200mAh
Best Power Bank for Hiking

Core Details:
Dimension7.4 x 4.88 x 1.73 ”
Weight 2.4 Pounds
BatteriesSingle Lithium-ion battery
Model NoQ150EU
Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile
Detailed Description:

This fast-charging portable power bank will be your life-saver when you need to charge your devices in a hurry. It is equipped with a 40200mAh power capacity and advanced USB Type-C port, and it can even charge your computer and laptop.

Omars 40200 mAh Portable Charger is a high-quality power bank that provides a safe and fast charging solution with a USB output of 5V/2.1A, a great deal when you are on the run or need a quick charge. This power bank will charge most USB digital devices and other devices up to 3 times before it needs recharging.

It also comes with a built-in flashlight and a built-in power indicator light. The Omars Portable Charger is a quick and reliable charging solution that’s easy to use and carry with you, and you’ll be able to stay connected to your friends and family wherever you go.

This innovative power bank provides you with the freedom to charge your smartphone wherever and whenever you want. You will never get stuck with a dead battery again with this bank. This slim power bank is designed with a high-density battery and can charge your USB devices at the fastest charging speed of 45W. With a sleek and elegant design, this portable charger is guaranteed to look good with any outfit.

  • Best Power Bank for Hiking.
  • It has an AC outlet.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Fast charging.
  • N/A.

9. Krisdonia Power Bank 50000mAh – Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile

Krisdonia Power Bank 50000mAh
Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile

Core Details:
Dimension7.6 x 5.9 x 1.1 ”
Weight 2.5 Pounds
BatteriesSingle Lithium-Polymer battery
Model NoNJF-5X
Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile
Detailed Description:

Charge your laptop, phones, tablets, and other devices multiple times when camping, hiking, or traveling. Equipped with 3 USB Charging Ports, 2 USB-C ports, 1 DC port, and 1 QC3.0. You can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. With a Power Bank, wherever you are and wherever you go, you can be sure you will always have enough power for your devices. This Power Bank has a Power Capacity of 50000mAh (3.7V)/185Wh. It can charge a laptop about 2.5 times and a smartphone about 11-18 times.

Krisdonía 50000mAh Portable Power Bank is a high-quality material and rugged in construction. It’s easy to carry, small, and lightweight. This outdoor power bank features a power capacity of 50000mAh, enough to charge your phablet and other small electronics many times. It will be your reliable partner when you go or travel. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology is backward compatible with your legacy charging devices and charges them quickly.

The Krisdonia Power Bank is a 50000mAh/3.7V lithium polymer battery power bank with a high capacity that can be used for a long time. It’s manufactured to charge a smartphone several times or a laptop 1~2 times when outdoors. You can easily put it in your briefcase, backpack, or carrying bag to power your devices when you’re on the go, and it’s easy to carry while on the go.

  • 5V to 20V DC-OUT ports.
  • Superior Quality.
  • High shutdown current.
  • Portable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Slightly heavy.

10. ROMOSS Power Bank 40000mAh – Best Power Bank with Fast Charging

ROMOSS Power Bank 40000mAh
Best Power Bank with Fast Charging

Core Details:
Dimension6.6 x 3.1 x 1.7 ”
Weight 2.1 Pounds
Batteries4 Lithium-Polymer batteries
Model NoPEA40
Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile
Detailed Description:

The ROMOSS Power Bank 40000mAh allows you to keep your cell phone, tablet, MP3 player, and more powered up wherever your busy schedule takes you. With a charging capacity that lasts for days, you can recharge your devices when you’re out and about without worrying about finding an outlet.

This compact and lightweight power bank can slip into your bag and easily take you wherever you go. Dual USB ports enable you to charge two devices at once, and an LED display helps you see how much power is remaining. With a capacity of 40000mAh, the Power Bank 40000mAh is perfect for charging larger devices like tablets and even smartphones multiple times.

Recharging your phone or tablet has never been easy with the ROMOSS Power Bank 40000mAh. Small and stylish, this portable charger fits easily into your backpack, messenger bag, or purse, and the lightweight and sleek design are easy to hold and use. This Best Power Bank with Fast Charging has a full-view LED display, and this power bank can charge your devices while being charged.

  • Precise Power Display.
  • 3-Output & 2-Input ports.
  • Massive Charging Capacity.
  • Dual way Fast Charging.
  • No AC outlet.

A power bank is one of the most important accessories for the mobile phone.

It is the battery charging equipment for mobile phones. People widely use the power bank. However, most people don’t know much about the power bank and don’t know how to choose it. A Portable Power Bank is a must-have gadget for people who are always on the move. The device is easy to use and has many features that you will find very useful in your everyday life.

Power banks have gained immense popularity in the last few years. There are many brands available, but a few have become the preferred devices of people. We will be reviewing some of these best power banks for laptops and mobile devices. Today, technology is advancing quicker, and people are looking for useful accessories to make their lives easier. The portable power bank is one of the most useful accessories.

Power banks are becoming a basic necessity these days.

With our lives being so dependent on technology, you may find yourself away from a power source and with a dead phone. Fortunately, a power bank can charge your phone to get you out of any sticky situation. However, many people do not realize how often they should be charging their power banks and how different power banks charge.

Power banks have made our lives a lot easier as they allow us to carry around all the juice we need, even when we are nowhere near a wall socket. If you own a power bank, you would want to charge it as often as possible, but how often should you charge your power bank?

Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile

Benefits of Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile

  • With the increasing need for power, many companies have been manufacturing the power bank for a laptop so you can carry them anywhere you go.
  • The power bank is easily available online, and you can buy it at a reasonable price. The power bank comes with several advantages that you should know about before buying the product, and you will find the key points below.
  • Power Bank is an important gadget these days. Power banks are useful to keep laptops and smartphones charged on the go, and power banks these days can be used to charge ordinary AA batteries.
  • They are compact, power-efficient, and can be carried anywhere. There are many brands of power banks available in the market these days.
  • With modern gadgets, it’s getting harder to keep your devices charged. And to avoid running out of juice, you need a power bank.


Choosing the best portable power bank for your needs is not a simple task. With so many different models, brands, and price ranges available, it can be hard to know where to start. We hope that we can help you find the best power bank for your laptop, phone, and tablet with this information.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the Best Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your business meetings and collaborate with ease on projects when using video conference software like Zoom. The manufacturers have designed portable power banks for laptops in many sizes and shapes. The power banks are not only available in different shapes but also the different colors and designs. Thank you for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this!


What is the best capacity for a portable power bank?

Choosing the right capacity for your power bank can be overwhelming. There is a lot of information that you need to digest and many questions that you need to ask yourself.

Anything between 5,000 and 20,000 mAh in a power bank will work best for you, but you must remember that you most likely won’t have multiple power options included with a smaller device.

How long should you charge the power bank for the first time?

The time to reach the full potential of the power bank varies depending on the type. It takes a little longer to charge a heavy-duty power bank, and it usually takes 1-2 hours for the power bank to charge fully.

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