Top 10 Best PC Cases Under 200 [Expert’s Choice – 2022]

Best PC Cases Under 200
Best PC Cases Under 200

If you are looking to build a gaming computer on a budget, one of the most important parts is picking out Best PC Cases under 200. This is certainly not an easy task when so many different cases are available at varying price points and with various features. This article aims to give some guidance by listing some of the Best PC Cases under 200 in detail, along with their pros and cons for each model.

The Best PC Cases under 200 can be hard to find, but many great options are out there. However, for this list, we wanted to focus on the best of the best and bring you some of our favorite PC cases that will work well with any build and look good doing it. So if you’re looking for a best pc case for dusty environment and don’t want to break your wallet, these are worth checking out.

You want something durable but stylish. Something that will last for years with its quality construction. Does the best pc case for airflow sound like your dilemma?. The following ten best pc cases for airflow will serve you well for years to come.

Our Top Recommendation for the Best PC Cases Under 200:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
Corsair Mid Tower PC Case ASUS TUF Tower PC Case Be Quiet Mid Tower PC Case
Best PC Case for Airflow

The Best PC Cases under 200 are a perfect way to protect your computer. Whether you’re looking for a small form factor case, a mid-sized tower, or even an ATX chassis with multiple storage bays and liquid cooling support. We have the solution that’s right for you!

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Comparison Table for Top 10 Best PC Cases Under 200:

1. Corsair ATX Mid Tower PC Case4.8
2. Razer ATX Mid-Tower PC Case4.4
3. Lian Li Dynamic Mid Tower PC4.8
4. IN WIN Mini-ITX Tower PC case4.6
5. Thermaltake Tempered Glass PC case4.7
6. NZXT’s ATX Mid Tower PC Case4.8
7. ASUS TUF Gaming Tower PC Case4.8
8. Be Quiet Mid Tower PC Case4.8
9. Segotep Phoenix Full-Tower PC Case4.4
10. MUSETEX ATX Mid-Tower PC Case4.4
Best PC Case Under 200 Dollars

1. Corsair ATX Mid Tower PC CaseBest PC Case Under 200 Dollars

Corsair ATX Mid Tower PC Case
Best PC Case Under 150

Dimension‎17.83 x 9.06 x 18.35”
Weight‎17.6 pounds
Model number‎CC-9011204-WW
Bestseller rank#5 in Computer Cases
Best computer case under 200
Detailed Description:

Introducing the Corsair Mid Tower PC Case, a desktop case with state-of-the-art tempered glass that will clean up your “office” and make you look like a boss. Corsair is famous for delivering quality components to all our fans. However, they are most known for their unique cooling method, patented LED technology, excellent compatibility with different motherboard types, and creative design. Plus, this product has four huge fan slots on top of it for extreme cooling.

The Corsair Mid Tower PC Case offers a stylish glass combination, customizable RGB lighting, innovative cable management, and intense airflow. Choose 4000X RGB for a PC with unmatched power. Show off your RGB components and lights with glass sides and a front panel constructed with dedicated front vents for good airflow. The CORSAIR Rapid Route Cable Management System makes it quick and easy to create a professional-looking and crisp-looking system. There is enough 25mm space behind the motherboard for all your cables in this Best PC Case for Airflow.

This Best PC Case Under 150 includes three CORSAIR 120mm AirGuide RGB fans, which use anti-vortex fan blades for better airflow and heat dissipation. Each fan has eight individually addressable RGB LEDs for beautifully customizable lighting. Control and synchronize RGB lighting for up to 6 fans with iCUE lighting node CORE and CORSAIR iCUE software. In addition, the Corsair iCUE 4000X is a beautifully designed tempered glass computer case that keeps your components from overheating with its 120mm fans. 

The Best computer case under 200 offers superior airflow and cooling with the large exterior vents behind the door, with an elegant look completed by a sleek black finish. The front I/O panel includes two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, HD Microphone, Headphone Jacks, and Micro SD Card Reader. In addition, this PC case supports ATX motherboards to make sure you have enough room for any configuration system you can imagine.

  • Tempered glass left side.
  • Best computer case under 200.
  • It offers impressive thermal performance.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Difficult to remove the side panels.

2. Razer ATX Mid-Tower PC Case – Best Budget PC Case for Airflow

Razer ATX Mid-Tower PC Case
Best Budget PC Case for Airflow

ManufactureRazer Inc.
Dimension19.4 x 9.22 x 18.7”
Weight29.8 pounds
Model numberRC21-01420100-R3M1
Bestseller rank#91 in Computer Cases
Best Budget PC Case for Airflow
Detailed Description:

The Razer Mid-Tower PC Case is a gaming chassis that envelopes your PC in more robust, faster options. With an air cooling system built for performance and stability, you can play like never before. This gaming chassis also features tempered glass to protect the computer’s interior from dust and drops. An innovative new gaming case from Razer, the Tomahawk is a mid-size tower with all the necessary features for any gamer. In addition, the tempered glass panels add an aesthetic flair while showing off your hardware and running it smoothly.

There’s cooling in every section from the graphics card to CPU cooler fan exhausts. With enough space inside for a mini ITX motherboard, the Tomahawk has room for whatever you need, whether a few hard drives or a water cooling pump. The Best PC Cases under 200 enhanced airflow for cooling, tempered glass side panels, and Mini ITX motherboard compatibility. This upgraded case comes with black heavy-duty steel frame construction with molded corners to ensure it stays sturdy.

In addition, the dual-zone design has been improved between front intake fans and rear exhaust fans to create better airflow from any angle. Finally, the integrated GPU holder adjustment mechanisms allow you to mount a graphics card securely in place below the expansion slots without using a screwdriver at all. Razer Tomahawk Mid Tower Gaming Chassis lets you show off your killer hardware while keeping it running cool!

However, the Razer Mid-Tower Best Budget PC Case for Airflow is designed with a double-sided tempered glass revolving door to show what’s inside and easy access. Powered by Razer Chroma RGB for customizable lighting and more immersive gameplay. It offers a ventilation top panel and dust filter for clean and optimal airflow. It supports radiators up to 360mm for liquid cooling. In addition, it has integrated cable management for a smooth organization.

Moreover, building the Best Budget PC Case for Airflow can handle indoor performance. Check out the Razer Tomahawk A1, a mid-size metal gaming chassis that delivers style and functionality. Packed with premium features to fit your idea of ​​the perfect platform.

  • Dual-sided tempered glass revolves doors.
  • Ventilated top panel and dust filters.
  • It has built-in dust filters.
  • Recommended Best PC Case for Airflow.
  • Just one pre-installed fan included.

3. Lian Li Dynamic Mid Tower PC – Best Mid Tower Case

Lian Li Dynamic Mid Tower PC
Best Mid Tower Case

ManufactureLIAN LI
Dimension20.5 x 14.5 x 22 inches
Weight27.6 pounds
Model numberPC-O11D Razer
Bestseller rank#53 in Computer Cases
Detailed Description:

If you’re looking for the Best Mid Tower Case with tons of room to grow, the Lian Li Dynamic Mid Tower PC Case is a great choice. An ATX board type and a tempered glass see-through side panel give you a full view of the inside workings without taking anything away from aesthetics. On top of all this, it looks damn beautiful.

This is a Lian Li Dynamic Best Mid Tower Case with four outside 5.25″ drive bays for all your games, TV tuner card, CD-roms, and whatnot. One bay at the top even has two slots so that you can install multimedia memory cards. The side panel allows access to the front I/O panel, yet it shields any uninvited guests from getting their sticky fingers on anything inside.

This Best PC Cases under 200 is black with an aspect of modern elegance that wins you over in looks alone. It also comes equipped with three 120mm cooling fans preinstalled, including a 200mm rear exhaust fan for maximizing airflow to keep things running cool.

When some people think of PC gaming, they might think it is “just for the boys. Weighing less than 30 lbs., this sleek and stylish case features an elegant tempered glass panel to show off all your goods. With ample room between each slot for airflow, there is no beating around the bush.

With a style Best Mid Tower Case is not only modular in design but with a completely customizable interior. It gives you the freedom to load it up with just the right amount of hard drives, fans, and graphics cards so you can have your dream configuration without limitations.

In addition, this Lian Li Dynamic Mid Tower PC Case also has an innovative mesh front panel design that allows for maximum airflow, so heat from your components doesn’t cause performance issues or overheating. As a result, this case delivers on form and functionality while exceeding expectations regarding quality and performance- leaving nothing left unreviewed.

  • Patented glass mounting mechanism.
  • Multiple radiators.
  • Best Mid Tower Case.
  • Dual PCUs capability for efficiency.
  • Tight fit in the back chamber with a large PSU and 3.5″ drive.

4. IN WIN Mini-ITX Tower PC Case – Best PC Case with Fans

IN WIN Mini-ITX Tower PC Case
Best PC Case with Fans

Dimension‎13.5 x 8.27 x 9.09”
Weight‎15.7 pounds
Model number‎A1 PLUS WHITE
Bestseller rank#559 in Computer Cases
Best PC Case with Fans
Detailed Description:

Give yourself the space to be creative in this IN WIN Mini-ITX Tower PC case. This sleek, white tower is perfect for small form factor builds stuffed with high-performance hardware.  It is ideal for travel professionals and all levels of enthusiasts alike. It features an advanced cooling system that enables extreme overclocking potential, so you’ll have no problem building your dream setup–whether big or small.

This Best PC Cases under 200 will give your computer the final touch it needs. With space for up to two fans and a large window to display components, this enclosure is perfect for the enthusiastic builder. With the IN WIN  Mini-ITX Tower PC Case, you can construct a custom computer to reflect your style and work needs. There is no limit to what you can create with customization options from category items such as case fans or interior LED lighting effects.

The design of this Best PC Case with Fans is surprisingly compact and easy to carry. With a weight of just 15.7 pounds, it’s on the lighter side for its size. Though it has a tiny footprint, you can pack a tremendous amount into this little desktop tower from its 5x 3.5″ HDD bays that give you more space for existing equipment.

The IN WIN Best PC Case with Fans is the perfect case for small project builds. The Mini Tower has plenty of room to house your CPU, CPU cooler, video card and even provides space for two 2.5 inch storage drives (or one 3.5-inch optical drive). The A1 Plus comes with two optional Series Loop ASL120 fans, a matte black construction, and dual diffuse addressable RGB loops. The circular RGB contours on either side of the fan. So there is light regardless of the position of the fan.

The 650W PSU is an 80 Plus Gold PSU that comes pre-built in the A1 Plus with managed cables and has two GPU connectors (PCI-E 6 + 2 pins) for advanced graphics cards. In addition, the A1 Plus’s comfortable wireless charging pad is WPC Qi 1.2 certified and can now be expanded up to 10W of power to add charging capabilities to Qi-powered mobile devices and gaming mice.

5. Thermaltake Tempered Glass PC case – Best Airflow PC Case

Thermaltake Tempered Glass PC case
Best full tower case under 200

Dimension‎7.3 x 21.6 x 21.3”
Weight27 pounds
Model numberCA-1G4-00M1WN-06
Bestseller rank#75 in Computer Cases
Best full tower case under 200
Detailed Description:

The Thermaltake Tempered Glass PC case is perfect for fans of tinkering. This case provides room to grow over time with compatibility for up to six 120mm fans with its spacious interior. There are an impressive 384 inches of space internally, bottom-mounted complicated drive slots, and front I/O panels for effortless expansion card access. This item also has support for high-performance liquid cooling systems or air cooling methods so you can equip it how you see fit.

The Best PC Cases under 200 is a beastly case with excellent cooling methods. The glass material produced in the case brings a lovely look and superior protection from drops or falls. An ATX motherboard would fit perfectly into this mid-tower case for those who prefer an aesthetically acceptable compatibility option rather than a larger model of a similar kind. Always make sure you have plenty of fans attached to the box’s interior to keep those temperatures down!

The Thermaltake Best Airflow PC Case has got you covered with a tremendous tempered glass exterior that gives your rig a perfect new look while showcasing your components, plus the inclusion of three 120mm fans. In addition, the side panel is easy to remove for convenient access and can be replaced with other  Save money on parts by using this stand-alone chassis rather than building one from scratch.

The open-frame chassis of the new Core P3 Tempered glass edition features a 5mm thick glass front panel and an unobstructed view of interior components for durability. The Core P3 TG supports state-of-the-art computer hardware, AIO, and liquid cooling solutions. The DIY chassis is designed, with two GPU and PSU layout options and a 3-way bracket (wall mount). Horizontal and vertical positions), giving customers the flexibility to create the latest custom PCs.

The Thermaltake Best full tower case under 200 is a sleek, tool-less case that features tempered glass on three of the four sides of the computer. Thanks to this design, the whole interior of the Best Airflow PC Case is visible, and it means no dust or foreign material entering your system. In addition, this model has plenty of room for hard drives, graphics cards, power supply units, and any standard ATX motherboard with ease. And the cooling water system offers easy installation while saving you from tons of noise from fans running in an older model case across town.

  • Best full tower case under 200.
  • Tt LCS Certified.
  • Best Airflow PC Case.
  • Native AIO Support.
  • Priced slightly high.

6. NZXT’s ATX Mid Tower PC Case – Best PC Case with Dust Filters

NZXT’s ATX Mid Tower PC Case
Best PC Case with Dust Filters

Dimension‎ ‎19.45 x 9.06 x 20.31”
Weight3.22 pounds
Model numberCA-H710I-W1
Bestseller rank#38 in Computer Cases
Detailed Description:

NZXT’s Best PC Case with Dust Filters is a curvy, tempered glass design that provides style and performance. The H700i comes with two pre-installed fans in the front of the chassis to provide airflow and cooling for your computer components. With three built-in RGB fans in the rear, this case can be themed any way you like with colors or effects that suit your setup. Add additional storage options by installing up to five 3.5″ or 2.5″ HDDs on our patented bracket system, along with an extra fan if desired.

This sleek NZXT’s Mid Tower PC Case combines form and function to create a gaming machine that will outperform any other computer. Not only is the design aesthetically pleasing, but it also allows for easy access to all of your hardware. With excellent cooling capacity, an open-air PSU shroud, a tool-free installation system, a cable management bar, and more, this PC case has everything you need to take your game stratosphere.

The NZXT brand is one of the most iconic brands in PC cases, so rest easy knowing that quality has been considered with this purchase. It includes two fans to keep your system aired out via air cooling. Air-cooled PCs are popular because they don’t need water blocks, making them more affordable than liquid cooled systems (keep in mind that they may not perform as well). With the maximum length at 9 inches, there are even cable management options included.

This Best PC Cases under 200 is a perfect fit for your setup. It has a spacious interior with lots of room to install graphics cards and liquid cooling systems no matter how big they are; not just that, but NZXT have designed this for gamers in mind, so it even has two built-in cooling fans which you can customize the colors on to add some flair!

This Best PC Case with Dust Filters has designed a case with enough room to house all of your PC gaming needs. This more significant mid-tower case is the perfect shade between black and white, giving off an elegant yet subtle vibe. The tempered glass panel on the front showcases your powerful configuration underneath the hood while maintaining excellent air circulation throughout. With two included fans, you can stay cool for hours or even days on end with zero issues.

  • It offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Vertical GPU mounting option.
  • Clean, modern design with unremitting tempered glass.
  • Best PC Case with Dust Filters.
  • The elite version is overpriced.

7. ASUS TUF Gaming Tower PC Case – Best Gaming PC Case

ASUS TUF Gaming Tower PC Case
Best Gaming PC Case

Dimension‎25.2 x 13.3 x 25.8”
Weight23.1 pounds
Model number90DC0013-B40000
Bestseller rank#102 in Computer Cases
Best Gaming PC Case
Detailed Description:

The ASUS TUF Mid-Tower PC Case is designed for users who demand durability, reliability, and functionality in their PCs with style. Premium fans are specially engineered with dust proofing to minimize the buildup of dirt over time. It keeps the system cool even during intense gaming sessions. The fan blade installation also has an anti-vibration rubber pad to isolate it from any accidental bumps or annoying vibrations

The ASUS TUF Mid-Tower PC Case is perfect for building a high-performance, sleek, modern gaming system. The durable SECC Steel construction with a black matte finish feels solid, and you can see your hardware working through the tinted window panel. Furthermore, the Best PC Cases under 200 with dust filters promises reliable cooling performance with the option of an all-in-one water cooling system, comfort, and convenience with its large side window.

This Best Gaming PC Case has a metal front panel with a custom TUF game splash pattern and a 4mm thick smoked tempered glass side panel to show off the interior of your building. Ergonomically woven cotton handles allow easy and safe handling of up to 30 kg. It is equipped with three 120mm Aura Sync RGB backlight fans and a 140mm PWM fan on the back, with seven fan mounting points for specific airflow.

The front and top have a capacity of 360mm water-cooled radiators. And a 140mm radiator in the rear. TUF Best Gaming PC Case is a gaming device developed with excellent fan and cable placement and complete cooling control through our Fan Xpert 4 software.

  • It is equipped with RGB-illuminated fans.
  • Perfect for TUF Gaming motherboards.
  • The woven-cotton carry handles support safe transport up to 30Kg.
  • No USB Type-C port on the front panel.

8. Be Quiet Mid Tower PC Case – Dust Proof PC Case

Be Quiet Mid Tower PC Case
Dust Proof PC Case

ManufactureBe quiet
Dimension‎20 x 11.5 x 19.75”
Weight17.6 pounds
Model number‎BGW37
Bestseller rank#8 in Computer Cases
Best computer cases under 200
Detailed Description:

The Be Quiet Dust Proof PC Case is the perfect solution for your gaming, business, or home office needs. This stylish tower case packs powerful ventilation with 7 fan slots to cut down on heat and noise levels during intense stress-tested gaming or work sessions. The top cover is made of ABS mesh, while the bottom is sturdy steel, so it’s built to last through your mobile life.

Looking for maximum performance and especially with a water cooling system, Pure Base 500DX is the right choice with its highly breathable front and top cover. Easy-to-remove dust filters on the front and bottom for cleaning. It offers pre-installed three Pure Wings with two fan-optimized fan blades to ensure optimal airflow and cooling. Despite the compact housing design, the front, top and rear fans are also 140mm, which allows for quiet operation. Up to two additional 140mm, fans can be installed.

ARGB LEDs come in a variety of colors and styles. Enough to adjust the shape of the case inside and out. You can choose to sync the light with your motherboard or ARGB controller. The Best PC Cases under 200 is wide enough for high-end graphics cards and 190mm long large coolers. Fans or radiators up to 360 mm can be easily mounted on the front. And on top of that, there is still room for extra fans. Or radiator size up to 240 mm.

The Be Quiet Mid Tower PC Case offers multiple mounting options for a total of 5 SSDs, two of which can be mounted visibly through the window panel. Cabling is the best option in this case to hide unwanted cables.  This case is built with top-class black material and tempered glass windows. It has seven expansion slots and supports ATX motherboards.

  • Clean build with plenty of airflows.
  • Best computer cases under 200.
  • It offers excellent AIO water-cooling support.
  • Sophisticated design.
  • Dust Proof PC Case.
  • Skimpy front panel controls.

9. Segotep Phoenix Full-Tower PC Case – Best Tower PC Case

Segotep Phoenix Full-Tower PC Case
Best Tower PC Case

Dimension19.7 x 9.4 x 21.6”
Weight‎23.9 pounds
Bestseller rank#455 in Computer Cases
Best Full Tower PC Case
Detailed Description:

Today’s favorite gaming case on the market, Segotep Phoenix Case, is a full tower with unparalleled airflow and cooling. This tempered glass PC features seven built-in 120mm fans, an unprecedented number of fans for such a compact case that offers efficient water and air cooling as well as single-card radiator support. You can even mount your PSU on the rear of this baby if you’re looking to clean up those cables.

The Segotep Phoenix cheapest full tower pc case, offered with a tempered glass design, is your one-stop shop for all your computing needs. Equipped with seven total fans and all the connections, you will be grateful for this sleek and sophisticated tower that can handle any situation thrown its way.

The upper and lower parts have an extractable dust filter. The front panel of the Best Tower PC Case also includes a magnetic dust net. Which effectively prevents dust from entering the case and is easy to clean. An I / O port storage box on the top can support external wiring such as DVI / HDMIM / USB. It easily installs on the back of the motherboard and rear window velcro, making wiring more accessible and easier to use.

These best computer cases under 200 perform ultra-high-Performance and can filter out strong wind and dust simultaneously. It reduces flow resistance with the built-in dust filter. Increase the air volume with the expanded mesh surface. Bring about 928 c㎡ of air into a large area to enhance the heat dissipation effect. The Segotep Phoenix cheapest full tower pc case is the latest, most fantastic computer case for anyone who needs to do some serious computing. The combination of tempered glass and hydro-dynamic cooling creates an unbeatable design that is sure to be your new favorite storage space – or at least one of them.

This cheapest full tower pc case is a wondrous, tempered glass full-tower that houses integrated water and air cooling for your motherboard. It also has enough space to fit all the components you need and provide fantastic airflow. With ample space and coolness, this Best Tower PC Case will make messing around with cables less of a hassle than ever before.

  • Huge for a mid-tower case.
  • Best computer case under 200.
  • It is equipped with dust-proof filters.
  • This product offers overwhelming looking RGB front panel.
  • Best full tower pc case.
  • The tempered glass panel on only one side.

10. MUSETEX ATX Mid-Tower PC Case – Best Water Cooling Case

Best Water Cooling Case

Dimension17.7 x 17.6 x 8.3”
Weight‎16.91 pounds
Model numberG05S6-HB
Bestseller rank#9 in Computer Cases
Best Water Cooling Case
Detailed Description:

MUSETEX is focused on building a world famous brand of Best Water Cooling Case. We have a complete supply chain of R&D computer enclosures. And high quality PC components, production, sales. MUSETEX Mid-Tower PC Case emphasizes that the company cannot develop without innovation. Therefore, the company is committed to providing its customers with standard computer enclosures. Excellent performance and creative design.

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The control button has 19 light modes. Motherboard control connected to the 5V 3PIN header of the motherboard, the motherboard control can have unlimited ARGB fan mode (12V 4PIN motherboard is not suitable for the control mode of the motherboard. This Best PC Case for Airflow is recommended to use only control buttons.)

MUSETEX Best Water Cooling Case series consists of two pieces of 4mm thick tempered glass side panels with full view. Spacious interior space and 3 x 2.5 “SSD ؛ 2 x 3.5”, easy to install ATX / Micro ATX / ITX motherboard. Water cooled 120 mm; Length up to 380mm GPU; Length up to 160 mm; Air-cooled processor Maximum length 245 mmPSU (removable hard drive handle).

To protect the case, the Best PC Cases under 200  has two dust filters and a dust filter with a magnetic strip at the top. The second is the PSU dust filter, which is easy to install and clean from bottom to top. Musetex Mid-Tower ATX PC Case is designed with 1 x USB 3.0 port, 2 x USB 2.0 port, 1 x HD audio, LED button. Wire protection in our USB cable. So you can transfer data without interference.

  • Two 4MM thickness tempered glass panels.
  • The bottom is PSU dust-proof.
  • Decent wire mangment.
  • Best Water Cooling Case.
  • It come with a broken rgb fan connector.

Factor to consider while purchasing Best PC Cases under 200

Tool Free design

In the past, the PC case required a Philips screwdriver for just about everything. In addition, the tool-loss design was almost universal in mid-and high-end units. It has thumbscrews for internal fastening and tightening of screws and twist-on, or otherwise tool-free mechanisms in drive bays.

Cable management

 Search for a case with cut-outs in the motherboard tray. This will allow you to route the wires from the back of the case. Budget PC cases usually only have one large hole in the motherboard tray. However, there are often rubber rings in the holes in the middle-class options for more storage space. Some cases may include tie-off points or wire covers behind the motherboard tray to keep your wires clean.

CPU Cooler Cut Away

 When it comes to motherboard trays, some of the better PC cases have larger cutouts on the back of your processor. This way, you can replace your PC’s processor or CPU cooler without completely removing the motherboard.

Front panel connection

If you have many external devices, check the connection on the front panel of the PC case. Even in cheaper cases, the front has some USB-A Type 2.0 ports. In addition, there are numerous advanced enclosures, including USB-A Type 3, USB-C, and even fans or RGB lighting controllers as tables stake. You will also often find audio connections on the front panel. We do recommend that you plug your headphones directly into the audio jack on the I/O panel on the back of your motherboard.

Fans and Airflow

The more fans your computer has the better your airflow. For good airflow, you need two wings: an air intake at the front and an external exhaust fan at the back. Some budget PC cases have only one fan, so your computer’s temperature and performance will drop. Many cases have additional fan brackets that allow you to upgrade the cooling system later

Dust filters

 It is essential to keep your computer clean. Computers filled with dust, animal hair, and impurities from tobacco are computers that heat up faster. The dust filter prevents these contaminants from reaching the fan. Leave your valuable internal hardware behind. But adjust your fan to maintain positive air pressure. This prevents dust from being sucked through the empty ventilation openings of your chassis.

Water Cooling Support

 The addition of sealed all-in-one coolers has made liquid cooling more popular than ever. If you plan to water cool your computer, pay attention to the help provided in your case. Most mini-ITX cases may not allow you to use liquid cooling, and many mid-tower cases only support radiators up to 240mm. Fitting liquid-cooled radiators can be tricky. If you want a durable 360mm radiator, you’ll probably need to upgrade to a full tower housing.

Best PC Cases Under 200


 When it comes to finding the Best Tower PC Case, you want something that will last and protect your laptop. We’ve curated some of the best cases on the market for under 200 dollars, so you can browse at ease without breaking your budget. Please choose from our selection of stylish, sleek models with plenty of room for all your devices. You won’t find any compromises in quality or design here- just high-performance computer accessories priced right. So browse now and see what we have to offer.

With so many options available on the market today, it can be challenging to find one that has all of the features you want at a price point within your budget. But there is no need to worry because our team of experts will help narrow down which ones fit what you’re looking for most perfectly. You’ll never have any issue finding just what suits your needs.


What is a good computer case?

Spacious innards, less temperature, muffled sound, and the beautiful tempered glass panel or the RGB lights are just a tiny part of the Iceberg. Here has the best guide to buying a PC case for you.

How many fans does a PC need?

We recommend purchasing the best pc case for dusty environment with at least three fans (or one slot to add yourself), not including CPU and GPU fans.

What is the difference between AT and ATX cases?

The AT-style computer case has a power button that connects directly to the system’s computer power. ATX power is usually controlled by an electronic switch instead of a hard switch on the power input. The power buttons on ATX systems have a computer-monitored sensor input.