Top 7 Best Mini Humbucker [Buying Guide – 2022]

Best Mini Humbucker
Best Mini Humbucker

Are you looking for the Best Mini Humbucker that will enhance your tone and provide a clear, crisp sound? If so, then We would suggest checking out this mini humbucker.

This type of pick up is great because it does not have any trouble staying in a place with its strong magnets. It also has an oversized coil which helps to produce a clearer sound as well as more volume from your strings. So if you’re still searching for the best pickup for your guitar or bass, give this one some consideration!

Are you preparing yourself for purchasing the Best Mini Humbucker for yourself? Is this buying process creating your head stumbling around? If yes, we are familiar that how to help our customers in their confusing times.

Our Top Recommendation for the Best Mini Humbucker:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker PickupMini 4 string Bass Guitar HumbuckerSeymour Duncan Little 59 ST59-1B
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Best Mini Humbucker

A humbucker is one of the two most popular categories of mini humbucker guitars, the other is a magnetic single coil. Without getting into the weeds too much, the best mini humbucker is a double helix viper; this means that the second row of coils has a polarity opposite to the first row, which greatly reduces the annoying hum and interference that disturb the single coils. We will experiance the mini humbucker for strat in the article below.

We hope this article has helped you find the best mini humbucker guitar pickup for your needs. Tapping into our knowledge of how to choose a quality product, we were able to give you some great options that will fit any budget and sound perfect in your music. If you’re still unsure which is the best option for you or if there’s anything else we can help with, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are always happy to assist when it comes to guitars and other musical instruments so feel free to reach out at any time.

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Comparison Table for the Best Mini Humbucker

lovermusic Black Sealed Mini Humbucker
2.Snake Oil Chrome Mini Humbuckers4.5
3.Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker Pickup4.6
Seymour Duncan Little 59 ST59-1B
5.lovermusic Silver Mini Double Coil4.3
Mini 4 string Bass Guitar Humbucker
7.Seymour Duncan Vntg Mini Humbucker4.7
Best Mini Humbucker

Mini Humbucker Vs Humbucker

After comparing the mini humbucker with the P90, let’s compare mini humbucker vs humbucker. As the name suggests, the mini humbucker is slightly smaller compared to the original humbucker. If you weren’t aware, the 2-⅝ “1-⅛” mini-humbucker is big and small enough to fit easily in the palm of your hand. In terms of tone, the mini humbucker falls somewhere between a full-size humbucker and a single reel in the tone spectrum.

Because the mini humbucker is narrower compared to the original, you will find that these pickups feel less vibration in the strings. This not only makes the sound of the pickup but sounds even more focused. Here’s a pretty good video that shows how these two pickups sound (so you can hear the difference for yourself.

1. Lovermusic Black Sealed Mini Humbucker – Mini Humbucker for Strat

Color  Black
ASIN  B07D479882
Model no  M20182841
Weight  M20182841
Dimension  4.84 x 3.15 x 2.24 inches
Best Mini Humbucker

Have you ever heard of the Lovermusic Mini Humbucker? It’s a new pickup that was designed to provide the player with a unique and versatile tone. The Lovermusic Mini Humbucker is perfect for anyone who wants to add some depth and complexity to their sound. Whether you’re playing country, blues, or rock, this pickup is sure to give you the tone you’re looking for. So what are you waiting for? Order your Lovermusic Mini Humbucker today! You won’t be disappointed.

Lovermusic Black Sealed Mini Humbucker is the best mini-humbucker. It is a  classic pickup that will work well with its amazing features.   It is a suitable replacement for mini-humbucker guitar and mini humbucker strat.

This Mini Humbucker for Strat looks nice and sophisticated in appearance than of mini-humbucker guitar and mini humbucker strat. It is close to the Black Humbucker Pickup Set. It is the most famous humbucker, mini-humbucker pickups with 7.2k – 7.3k resistance. Screws are not included in the scope of delivery.

Are you looking for a new humbucker tone? If so, the Lovermusic Mini Humbucker might be perfect for you. This pickup delivers a warm, clear sound that is great for all styles of music. Plus, it’s easy to install, making it a great option for musicians who are on the go.

  • Versatile in nature
  • Unique quality
  • No discounted by the manufacture

2. Snake Oil Chrome Mini Humbuckers – Best Humbuckers for Coil Splitting

Snake Oil Chrome Mini Humbuckers
Best Humbuckers for Coil Splitting
Dimensions 2.66L” x 1.10W” x 0.66″ high  
Distance between screw holes3.09  
BrandC. B. Gitty  
Best Mini Humbucker

Snake Oil Chrome Mini Humbuckers is the best mini-humbucker with wonderful features. It has two separate humbuckers for neck and bridge mounting.

Mini humbucker pickups are valued at 12.55KOhm. It has beautiful shiny chrome-plated caps with rods and wires. Including mounting brackets (machine screws and springs). The best feature of these mini humbucker pickups is either used individually or in pairs.

Best Humbuckers for Coil Splitting are the faultless mix of even ‘molasses’ blues manners of a humbucker and ‘snarl’ of a sole coil.” What you will get is accorded set of mini chrome covered-humbucker pickups, destined to be used close the neck and bridge of an electric guitar.

These Best Humbuckers for Coil Splitting have two screws and two springs per pickup. These mini bucker pickups are valued at 9.55KOhm. The space between the screw holes is about 3.09″. As shown in the pictures, these pickups arise with springs and screws for escalating.

  • Come with screws and springs
  • Two separate humbucker pickups
  • No warranty

3. Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker Pickup – Mini Humbucker for Telecaster

Model noTB-4  
Color  Black
Weight  6.2 ounces
Best Mini Humbucker

Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker Pickup is the best mini humbucker. It is the classic pickup and it will give you the best outcome.

The Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker is a type of pickup for electric guitars with two coils. They are designed to produce a powerful, mid-range heavy sound. It was originally created by Seymour Duncan and John Wilkinson in the late 1960s. The JB humbucker comes in two configurations: one that has an Alnico magnet paired with steel poles (JB), and another that uses ceramic magnets, which produces more highs and lows (Jazz).

The first version of this pickup became popular because it provided a strong distortion effect on the guitar without being too loud or harsh sounding. This is mainly due to its Alnico magnet’s medium power output coupled with its even coil distribution throughout the strings’ lengthwise, as

The Seymour Duncan JB model is one of the most popular humbuckers. The mini humbucker guitar and mini humbucker strat give the same design while controlling the sound, mixing, and simply mixing. Compared with SH-14 Standard 5, JB has a higher height.

 Some players use it with a 250K pot, even for the most off-putting. Comes with four bundles of cables. Archetype warm-rodded humbucker application for over 30 years.

The Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker is a guitar pickup designed by the late great rock guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. It has been one of the most sought after pickups in history for decades and is still used today by many guitarists all over the world. The tone you get from this pickup can vary depending on what type of amplifier you use with it as well as your guitar’s setup. This blog post will give insight into how to achieve different tones with this pickup and also discuss how it compares to other popular humbucking pickups on the market today.

This Mini Humbucker for Telecaster is suitable for all types of heavy loads for weighty metals. Configuration completed for the bridge project. Most often, the JB is paired with a neck-shaped SH-2n Jazz (Seymour’s favourite) for added versatility.

  • Comes with a four-conductor hookup cable
  • Versatile in nature
  • No discounted by the manufacture

4. Seymour Duncan Little 59 ST59-1B – Mini Humbucker for Tele

Brand  Seymour Duncan
Dimension  7.09 x 3.54 x 1.57 inches
MaterialCeramic magnet
3.04 Ounces  
Color    Black
Model no  SST-59-1 BLK
Best Mini Humbucker

Seymour Duncan Little 59 ST59 is one the best mini humbucker. If you are looking for a dual blade, We like Seymour Duncan pickups. This mini humbucker is the most popular telecaster mini humbucker.  For tele is like adding an extraordinary quality, full-size PAF to your Tele Bridge area.

The Seymour Duncan Little 59 is a P90-style pickup with the same punch and clarity as a single coil. The 5/8″ diameter pole pieces are made of strong, nonmagnetic brass that’s plated to resist corrosion. A black or white cover finishes off the look for an authentic vintage vibe. The Little 59 is a great choice for rockabilly, psychobilly, punk rock, garage rock and indie styles where you need that raw bite not found in typical humbucker pickups.
The Seymour Duncan Little 59 is designed to sound like traditional single-coil pickups but with more power and sustain than most other types of passive electric guitar pickups on the market today.

As a result, the telecaster mini humbucker shows the unitary collection of instruments that offers great sound, even bass, and bells, with a medium-sized sound that gives it all of its tones. Decent for all from country to rock.

The Seymour Duncan Little 59 is a single-coil pickup that has the original sound and tone of the early Fender® pickups. It is good for country, blues, classic rock and jazz music because it has a sweet sound with great dynamics.
The Seymour Duncan Little 59 was designed to be an affordable alternative to more expensive vintage-style pickups or boutique brands. The result is a pickup that delivers all the vintage vibe without any of the hassles! The Little 59 will fit in most guitars (except those with active electronics) and will work well on amps from 15 watts up to big rigs cranked up for metal gigs.

The Mini Humbucker for Tele has acceptance options are an exchange for smaller products, the American Telander Challenge. Our wrist clip is made in Santa Barbara, a small ’59 stirrup for Tele with 4 bar magnets made of aluminium alloy. Install for a variety of wire options and wax for squeal permitted operation.

  • Single-coil-sized humbucker
  • Warm, smooth tone
  • Neck and bridge sometimes not matched by the quality

5. Lovermusic Silver Mini Double Coil – Best Humbucker Pickups for Metal

Brand  Lovermusic
Dimension  5.91 x 3.82 x 2.17 inches
Color  Silver
5.2 ounces
Model  M20182840
Best Mini Humbucker

The Lovermusic Silver Mini Double Coil bass is one of the best on the market. It has a rich, full sound that is perfect for any musician. This bass guitar is easy to play and it sounds great no matter what type of music you are playing. If you are looking for an awesome bass guitar, the Lovermusic Silver Mini Double Coil is the perfect choice.

If you’re looking for high-quality sound in a small package, check out the Lovermusic Silver Mini Double Coil! This tiny little speaker packs a punch and delivers beautiful sound quality no matter what genre of music you’re into. Plus, its discreet design makes it perfect for taking with you wherever you go. So if you’re looking for an amazing listening experience on the go, be sure to check out the Lovermusic Silver Mini Double Coil!

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Lovermusic Silver Mini Double Coil is the mini humbucker with wonderful features. It is the best replacement for Gibson mini humbucker and mini guitars humbucker. It is made of fantastic design, composed of zinc alloy material. It is silver in appearance. Excessive replacement for your longstanding shattered humbucker pickup.

This Best Humbucker Pickups for Metal is the most popular mini humbucker with 7.2 k – 7.3 k resistance. It offers only one mini humbucker pickups in the package.

  • Double coil humbucker electric guitar
  • Exquisite appearance
  • No discounted by the manufacture

6. Mini 4 string Bass Guitar Humbucker – Mini Humbuckers for Jazz Guitar

Package Dimensions4.5 x 3 x 2 inches
Item Weight8 ounces
Number of Strings4
Color NameChrome
Material TypeBrass, Copper
Best Mini Humbucker

When it comes to mini 4 string bass guitars, one of the best things you can do is outfit it with a humbucker pickup. This will give you an amazing tone that is sure to please, whether you’re playing at home or on stage. Not only does a humbucker deliver a great sound, but it also helps to reduce feedback, making it perfect for live performances. So if you’re in the market for a new mini 4 string bass guitar, be sure to consider one with a humbucker pickup.

Mini 4 string Bass Guitar Humbucker is the best mini humbucker. It comes with linking wires. It has durable magnification. The pole arrangement from the first to fourth string is 45mm. It has a resistance of about 10.9 kilo-ohms and 10.2 kilo-ohms. This minihumbucker is recommended best Mini Humbuckers for Jazz Guitar.

Composition of this product is composed of good quality material i.e ceramic magnet, brass shield plus copper coil. The Collar pickup is made up of red wire and the bridge pickup is composed of black wire.

The mini 4 string bass guitar humbucker tone is a great choice for an informative and engaging blog post. This type of tone is perfect for providing information on a variety of topics, and it can help to keep your readers interested in the content that you are providing. When used properly, the mini 4 string bass guitar humbucker tone can be a valuable asset to your blog content.

  • 2 brass pickups included in the package
  • 8 screws included in the package
  • Neck and bridge sometimes not matched by the quality

7. Seymour Duncan Mini Humbuker – Best Humbucker Pickups for Blues

Seymour Duncan Vntg Mini Humbkr
Best Humbucker Pickups for Blues
Item Weight0.352 ounces
Item model number BrandSSM-1B 2C CHR Seymour Duncan
Product Dimensionsx 3.54 x 1.57 inches
Best Mini Humbucker

Seymour Duncan Mini Humbuker is the best mini humbucker with a lot of qualities. This Mini Humbucker Bridge Pickup offers the classic sound, a special blend of high-end magnetic and bright single-coil and more focused low-end humbucker. 

Seymour Duncan Mini Humbuker guitars are a great way to get that vintage tone while not spending the high price of an original model. Seymour Duncan has been building pickups for over 35 years and these pickups will give you the sound that made them famous. These pickups have a lot of power, with sound ranging from heavy blues to hard rock. The mini humbucker is smaller than their normal models, which makes it perfect for those looking to add some more versatility into their guitar playing without sacrificing any power in the process.

This product gives a mix of optimistic single loop and more absorbed humbucker low-end. The outcome is a turntable with an influential tonal personality and sufficient power to cut over the mix.

Best Humbucker Pickups for Blues is ideal for warm mid-range chords or crisp, fat lead notes. Handcrafted in Santa Barbara, California, this turntable can replace any humbucker sized mini rover and mounts to a guitar using a Firebird style mounting ring and 3-48 humbucker mounting screws.

This Best Humbucker Pickups for Blues comes with twisted single-core connection cables. The Seymour Duncan Mini Humbucker is a vintage pickup that was originally designed for guitarists who wanted to get their trademark humbucking tone in a smaller and lighter package.

The design of the mini humbucker produces the same fat sound as a full-sized humbucker, but without the weight or size. This makes it perfect for guitars with limited space on the body (such as an archtop) or those who want improved resonance from their instrument’s top because there is less interference than with a single-coil pickup. Seymour Duncan has been making pickups since 1962, so they know what they are doing when it comes to guitar tones!

  • Good for any genera
  • Unique vintage look
  • Mounting hardware not included

Things to consider when buying the Best Mini Humbucker

We can extinguish your thirst too – and in this way? We have listed a trading approach for the best humbucker pickups for les paul available in the market in 2021. Our information is examined and analyzed using AI data and the Big Data patent analysis platform. One more question is, how do we purchase this item? We have a technical system, custom algorithms based on the following:

  • Product Value
  • Quality and Durability
  • Brand Value
  • Features & Specifications
  • Customer Reviews & Ratings

As guitarists, we all want to change mics. You can change the songs you want from your favorite guitar, or drive the perfect tone as usual.

Unfortunately, the way to find the best mini humbucker is not a stress-free task for the inexpert. To be honest, no matter how much you know the subject, it’s pretty overwhelming. With so many options available, it’s hard to know if you’re making the best bid for your budget and hardware. Fortunately, if you don’t know which one to buy to improve the tone of your guitar, you’re in the right place.

Today we take a look at the four best humbucker pickups for les paul. For those of you who didn’t know, mini humbuckers are a type of humbucking guitar Mickey that Epiphone designed and released in the 1950s. It did so before Gibson bought the company in 1957, giving them exclusive rights to this innovative pickup model.

As you may know, mini humbuckers are relatively similar to the Gibson PAF humbucker originally designed by Seth Lover. Compared to PAF, however, mini humbuckers are narrower and absorb less spring vibrations. You will often find mini humbuckers used in many different jazz guitars. There are several third-party suppliers out there today who make mini humbucking pickups for you.

The best mini humbucker is designed to amplify the sound of the electric guitar. They block out outside noise and make loud noises, despite the many single-shot sniper sounds, and that happens to us. But why a piece of jewelry? These smaller units are designed to eliminate softness while maintaining a direct tone in the same coil. If you are looking for the best mini humbucker, you have come to the right place.

 To address this criticism, we looked at a few key factors. Dimensions are important. These items vary a little in size, so you want to know what you are searching for when it comes to assembly. Every mini housewife has a magnet that generates an irregular voltage in the wires. These magnets are available in several different materials, each affecting the sound differently. Resistance is also necessary. Basically, the higher the resistance, the louder the sound (but you will lose some brightness). And of course, we also looked at the warranty information.

Tonal Response

The tonal response of the best mini humbuckers is determined by some different factors. The most important is the type of magnet used. As a rule, Alnico 2 magnets are better suited for players who want to play with low to medium gain (distortion) and want a pickup that emphasizes the mid frequencies.

Ceramic pickups are better suited for gamers looking for a pickup with lots of high-end frequencies that will remain articulate when used with a lot of distortion. Alnico 5 magnetics are the middle ground between these two extremes. Seymour Duncan explains this concept a little further here.

Gibson Mini Humbucker

Gibson Mini Humbucker is an important archive used by the Epiphone model developed by Gibson in the 1960s. It was not until 1969 that this happened in Les Paul Deluxe. Most people will associate these options with the Gibson Firebird, as these options are essential to the popularity of mini humbucker guitars. The Gibson Mini Humbucker gives you the sound you want from your original mini humbucker.

 When you hear this pickup, you know damn well I’m from Gibson. This option can easily be the best choice for many guitar lovers, but it is our responsibility to prepare them according to our personal preferences.

For this reason alone, We see two options, which are bigger than this, better for my music and musical taste. Above all, you can’t go wrong with the classic Gibson mini humbucker. These spills would not be an excellent addition to a guitar looking for a Gibson sound that we all know and love.

Single-Coil vs. Best Mini Humbucker

Due to the two coils, the humbuckers are wider and therefore cover more surface under the guitar strings, giving you more power and sound. in other words, a heavier, stronger tone. A man named Seth Lover invented the humble turntable in 1955 while working for Gibson. You will hear that early humbuckers call it PAF or “patent pending”.

The PAF was used on Gibson’s legendary Les Paul guitar, so Gibson has become synonymous with humbuckers over the years, much like the Fender Tele or Strat for thinking of single-coil pickups. Nowadays, manufacturers of all kinds, from Seymour Duncan to DiMarzio (very successful, as we might add) competed with humility – you don’t have to stick to the Gibson brand.

Since pickups are an integral part of the character of mini humbucker guitars, and humbuckers are known for their higher performance, they are perfect for genres like hard rock or metal when you need a thick, high pitched tone. But a humbucker isn’t just distortion and loud sound – the thickness of a buzzing signal can also result in bold, creamy, clean tones.

Best mini humbuckers are no better or worse than single-coil pickups, they are just different beasts.

Best humbucker pickups for 2021

When Should You Change Pickups?

Best Mini Humbucker
Best Mini Humbucker

The mini humbucker is a great pickup for Fender Stratocaster guitars.

This pickup is different from the other pickups because it has 2 coils, with one coil under each string. The sound of this pickup is warmer than that of a single-coil and more powerful than that of a P90.

One of the most important aspects of playing the guitar is finding gear that suits your needs as a player. It can be installed in any guitar with no modifications needed to your instrument or strings. All you need to do to install it correctly is find the right spot where both coils are touching the strings and drill holes for screws. Once you get these two things done, just screw on your new TV Jones Humb

We are proficient in dealing with these types of situations, and we have collected a list of 7 top-rated best mini humbuckers that are trending in the market these days.

If you are a guitarist, then chances are that you’ve heard of guitar pickups

You may have also heard the term “pickup selector switch”, which is how we control what type of sound our pickups will produce. But there’s one question that many guitarists ask: when should you change my pickup? Today, we’ll discuss some important factors to help answer this question.

First off, it’s important to note that replacing your pickup isn’t something you do lightly; it can be expensive after all! The good news is that if you’re still in the market for new pickups, there are plenty of resources out there to compare prices and reviews before making any purchases.

The best mini humbucker is an extremely important part of your voice. However, you are not responsible for 100% of your tone of voice. Pickups, cables, the best mini guitar strings you use, the pickup height, the quality of the guitar’s build, and things like the wood it is made of are only part of the sound equation. All these are added to create the tone of your instrument.

When you first start playing the guitar, it’s all about the acoustics. The sound of your strings being picked up by the amplifier and creating that iconic twang is what every guitarist strives for. You might not realize this at this point, but there are many factors that can affect the tone of your guitar including a dirty or worn out pickguard, rusty tuning pegs, and old strings. In this blog post, We will be discussing when to change your pickups in order to improve tone quality!

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What is the best mini humbucker?

The answer to this question will depend on your preferences and guitar’s needs. This blog post will explore some of the top choices, and hopefully make it easier for you to find a pickup that suits your needs perfectly! If you are looking for an affordable option, the Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates is a great choice. If you want something with more power on the low end, try out Seymour Duncan’s Little ’59 Pickup. No matter what sound you are looking for, there is a perfect pickup waiting for you!

The best mini humbucker is the Seymour Duncan Little ’59, which was designed to emulate the sound of a classic Fender Bassman amp. The most popular guitarists using this pickup are John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa. This pickup features an Alnico II magnet in order to increase the output while retaining clarity. It also has a scatterwound coil for increased sustain with added articulation on chords and single notes.

If you’re looking for a new guitar pickup, this article will help you to find the best one. The first thing we’ll look at is what type of music and style you play in order to narrow down your search. Next, we’ll take a look at some popular pickups that are available on the market today. We hope by reading this article, it will make finding the perfect sound much easier!

You can also check these Guitars With Mini Humbuckers at affordable price ranges


In this buying guide, we reviewed the top seven best mini humbuckers and finally, we decided that String Bass Guitar Humbucker is the best mini humbucker among all. Mini humbucker pickups are delightful inventions. They suggest plenty of bulk and bite when you need a full humbucking sound. However, when you need the soothing bell-like tone of a solo coil, they can grip that very well. Nowadays, it appears like that all market company gives at least one mini humbucker.

If you’re looking for the best mini-humbucker, this is it! The Seymour Duncan SH4JB3 Mini Humbucker has a single-coil pickup in addition to a humbucking bridge pickup. It’s perfect for those who want more than just one tone out of their guitar and are tired of constantly switching guitars when they need different sounds.

This incredible product comes with four push/pull pots that let you blend your two pickups any way you like – from full-on dual humbuckers all the way down to an open single-coil sound. You’ll be able to play everything from country twang to heavy metal riffs without changing guitars or amps thanks to this amazing innovation by Seymour Duncan. We recommend getting one today!


Q1: What are the Best Mini humbuckers Good for?

ANS: The answer to that question varies depending on your personal preference. Some people prefer a single pickup guitar, others might like two pickups so they can get different sounds out of their instrument. No matter what you need from your guitar, there’s a mini humbucker available that will suit your needs and budget.

The best mini humbuckers are the perfect solution for those looking for a more vintage sounding pickup. They have a slightly higher output than standard-sized pickups, but they also retain that classic 60’s sound.

Q2: Which guitars use mini humbuckers?

ANS: The mini humbucker is a smaller version of the standard humbucker used on electric guitars. It’s also referred to as the “mini-humbucker”, “smaller humbuckers” or just “the small one.” These pickups are perfect for players who want to have a more clear, focused sound. A lot of guitarists think that they need a full-size humbucker to get the sound they want.

Q3:Which is a better single-coil or mini-humbucker?

ANS: Single coils typically have a brighter, thinner sound with lots of trebles. This is because they use only one coil for each string. On the other hand, humbuckers usually have a warmer tone due to their dual-coil design, which produces more bass frequencies than single coils do.

Q4: Are Mini humbuckers louder than single-coil?

ANS: Humbuckers have two coils of wire wrapped around each other, while single coil pickups only have one. This means a humbucker can pick up more signal and provide a fatter sound that’s closer to an electric guitar’s natural tone because it doesn’t need as much amplification to get the same volume as its single-coil counterpart. The second difference between these two types of pickups is in their magnetic field design, which affects how

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