Top 10 Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000 [Reviewed 2022] 😍🔥

Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000

The Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000 offers a robust and easy entry point into the gaming platform by combining the most recent components designed to play today’s games at an affordable cost. The prebuilt market has not been as important as it is now in 2022. The market is flooded with options, each one trying to outdo the other with bigger numbers and advanced features that seem to be gibberish to the average user. All these can leave you wondering if you are really getting the best bang for your buck.

If you’re a gamer, then you understand that the computer you use to play your favorite games is very important. That’s why we have put together a list of the best gaming desktops that you can get for under $2,000.

On a technical level, the Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000 has the top graphics cards available while being supported by the latest SSDs. Prebuilt and manufactured machines below at affordable prices to get equipped and ready for exclusives on the platform and multi-plats that are pushed to the limit. 

Recommended Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
ASUS ROG Strix G15CE Gaming DesktopCYBERPOWERPC Xtreme VR Gaming PCLenovo Legion Tower 5 Gaming Desktop
4.0 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000

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Comparison Table on the Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000:

1. Alienware Aurora R13 Core i7 Desktop4.3
2.CYBERPOWERPC Xtreme VR Gaming PC4.6
3.ASUS ROG Strix G15CE Gaming Desktop4.0
4. Skytech Chronos RTX 3070 Gaming PC 4.6
5. Acer Predator Orion 3000 Gaming Desktop4.5
MSI Codex R Core i7 Gaming Desktop
7. HP OMEN 25L Core i7 Gaming PC 4.5
8. Thermaltake AMD Ryzen 5 5600X PC4.3
9. Velztorm CTO Powerful Gaming PC4.3
10. Lenovo Legion Tower 5 Gaming Desktop4.5
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000

1. Alienware Aurora R13 Core i7 Desktop – Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000

Alienware Aurora R13 Core i7 Desktop
Best Budget PC for Streaming and Gaming

Core Details:
Dimension23.2 x 8.8 x 20.1‎ ”
Graphics CardGeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti 8GB
Storage512GB SSD / 1TB HDD
Weight 34.2 Pounds
Product Rank#63 in Tower Computers
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

The All New Alienware Aurora R13 Core i7 Desktop with a bigger, more advanced chassis with improved airflow and better performance. Experience the joy of streaming, gaming, and creating with a multi-threaded capacity (12-core and 20-thread) desktop featuring the latest 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. AlienFX’s latest hardware and software support full RGB values that can reach 16.8 million colors. It is easy to control all your FX light zones. modify the settings of your peripherals and save new themes to assign to every game. 

Created to appear as sleek as it can both from the inside and out The Aurora desktop has an added transparent side panel, which comes with EMI blocking and is scratch-resistant. With a transparent side panel, it comes with two built-in AlienFX light zones. You can also adjust the AlienFX RGB colors that shine across the internals for an individual experience and a livelier appearance while gaming in dark rooms. 

Created with esports in mind as a sport where players are typically seen from behind the system, the latest Legend 2.0 design is meant to be pleasing to the eye regardless of angle. The chassis appears identically sleek at the back as it appears in front and features striking curves and an iconic contour that elevates the overall look. The top and rear vents on Alienware Aurora work as exhaust to ensure that temperatures still are within acceptable ranges by cutting heat from the system. The vents in the front and sides simultaneously draw cool air in to ensure maximum performance and ensure system well-being. 

  • Best Budget PC for Streaming and Gaming.
  • Great Performance.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • High FPS.
  • Great cooling.
  • Expensive.

2. CYBERPOWERPC Xtreme VR PC – Best Budget PC for Gaming and Streaming

Best Budget PC for Gaming and Streaming

Core Details:
Dimension22.8 x 22.0 x 8.9‎ ”
Graphic CardGeForce RTX 3060 12GB
Storage512GB SSD / 2TB HDD
Weight 37.7 Pounds
Product Rank#230 in Tower Computers
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR series includes the most recent generation of high-performance Intel Core processors and ultra-quick DDR RAM that can manage tasks that require a lot of system resources including high-definition games and video replay. With powerful, discrete video cards and a gaming controller, this CYBERPOWERPC Xtreme VR PC provides a seamless gaming experience and multi-media. 

Get rid of barriers and get into the action with more stunning graphics than ever before thanks to the latest DirectX 12 technology. Windows 10’s API is loaded with new capabilities that enable faster processing in real-time, which will produce greater FPS and more vivid graphics, as well as a lower power consumption so that you can play for longer. 

The system has been tested to allow VR gaming on HTC VIVE, as well as Steam VR and the Oculus Rift VR. Virtual Reality gaming is the future of gaming as well. CyberPowerPC systems are set to provide you with the immersive experience VR offers. VR accessories and VR hardware displayed here are not included and are can be purchased separately. 

Gamers are a difficult crowd to please, but CyberPowerPC’s speedy, reliable systems have been generating happy and loyal customers. CyberPowerPC is once again setting the standard and has earned one of the highest scores on overall quality and dependability. 

  • Best Budget PC for Gaming and Streaming.
  • Good Gaming partner.
  • Ultra graphics.
  • Highly Affordable.
  • Little bit loud.

3. ASUS ROG Strix G15CE Desktop – Best PC for Programming and Gaming

ASUS ROG Strix G15CE Gaming Desktop
Best PC for Programming and Gaming

Core Details:
Dimension16.5 x 19.5 x 7.4‎ ”
Graphics CardGeForce RTX 3070
Storage1TB SSD / 1TB HDD
Weight 20 Pounds
Product Rank#348 in Tower Computers
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

The ASUS ROG Strix G15CE Desktop is a fantastic gaming machine that offers an excellent performance all-round in productivity and gaming-related tasks. It is quiet and cool which is hard to find in gaming PCs. The ROG Strix Gaming Desktop is equipped with an incredibly USB-C port, which allows for any-way-up connectivity and ultra-fast data transfers. In addition, there are six USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, and Display Port that makes it easy to connect all the peripherals you have currently and in the future. 

Innovative cooling improves the performance of the precise design and thermal style that is the GT15. The aerodynamic chassis is widened with vents that tidily direct cool air into an internal air-cooling unit. Participating in esports competitions or networks is much easier thanks to the built-in carrying handle that allows making it easy to move. 

The special, EMI-shielded glass lets you peek into the chassis and observe the components in action. The extensive cooling system is what allows the sustained, high-end performance needed for intense gaming and multi-tasking. It is designed with a unique multi-zone chassis, which keeps the graphics card, CPU, and power supply separate from each other to limit the impact of thermal radiation and to lower temperatures outside The G15CE can boost the processor clocks and frequencies higher to improve overall performance. 

  • Best PC for Programming and Gaming.
  • Quite powerful processor.
  • Processing speed is very promising.
  • Eye-catching RGB lightings.
  • Designed for professional gamer.
  • Not a compact desktop.

4. Skytech Chronos RTX 3070 PC – Best Gaming PC Under $2000

Skytech Chronos RTX 3070 Gaming PC
Best Gaming PC Under $2000

Core Details:
Manufacturer‎Skytech Gaming
Dimension21.6 x 19.3 x 11.8‎ ”
Graphics CardRTX 3070 8GB GDDR6
Storage1TB HDD
Weight 30.2 Pounds
Product Rank# in Tower Computers
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

The Skytech Chronos RTX 3070 PC offers the best gaming system to be up-to-date to play the most popular games swiftly. It runs the game Division 2 and more with Ultra settings, with detailed 1440p HD resolution and smooth, 60+ FPS gaming. It is designed to meet the demands of gamers today by providing stunning graphics and high frame rates and making video streaming and game rendering speedy and smooth. The device comes with a mouse as well as a keyboard as well as Windows is already installed. The quick start guide assists you in plugging in the power source, then power on and start playing right out of the box. Bring your screen. 

Experience massive frame rate increases using the powerful GeForce RTX 30 Series at 1440p-4K resolutions. These powerful onboard components are capable of running graphics-intensive and processor-intensive applications and demanding AAA games without a hitch, giving the most immersive experience. Its GeForce RTX 30 Series offers the most powerful graphics that give you the smoothest, most immersive VR experience. The onboard processor has been built to deliver the top speed VR requires to operate smoothly, even for long gaming sessions. 

Expand your reach by offering streamers that do not stutter while preserving gaming-like graphics or frame rates. The latest hardware decoding and encoding technology allow you to display the best moments of your life in breathtaking clarity. GeForce, the RTX30 Series graphics cards offer the performance and image quality required to ensure your viewers get the best experience every moment of the day. 

  • Best Gaming PC Under $2000.
  • Great liquid cooling.
  • Robust hardware components.
  • Design is remarkable.
  • Chassis is plain.

5. Acer Predator Orion 3000 Gaming PC – Best PC for Gaming and Streaming

Acer Predator Orion 3000 Gaming Desktop
Best PC for Gaming and Streaming

Core Details:
Dimension15.2 x 6.89 x 15.43‎ ”
Graphics CardGeForce RTX 3070
Storage512GB SSD / 1TB HDD
Weight 24.0 Pounds
Product Rank#275 in Tower Computers
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

Acer Predator Orion 3000 Gaming PC is perfect for gaming at 1080p, or even 1440p, but don’t forget everything you know about 4K. Although its performance is subpar, its stylish easily-accessible case and the less than $2k make it an ideal gaming computer for newcomers to the game. The graphics card is equipped to play every game you want to play regardless of the size of the map or how detailed the scene is. It’s VR-ready as well. Put on your headset and take a trip within virtual environments, no matter if you’re exploring the universe or wandering through a haunted home. 

In the compact but sharply drawn Predator Orion, 3000 lays a beast in wait Unrestrained, unrelenting as well as always prepared to attack regardless of the challenge. Ready to put its powerful 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor as well as NVIDIA GeForce 3070 Graphics examination, the Predator Orion 3000 offers a thrilling gaming experience that’s like the rest! Be prepared for a memorable gaming experience that excites the senses and propels your excitement to a new height. No need to create space since its 18L Orion PC is able to fit almost everywhere. It is recommended to keep it in view because the tempered glass panel lets you peek at the contents. 

Enhance and enhance the sound you hear! DTS X Ultra delivers a high-end 360deg surround system that lets you experience your favorite games with authentic sound. PredatorSense is the most powerful instrument for controlling. Control lighting as well as overclocking, game profile and more. This Killer E2600 redefines gigabit network performance and comes with Killer’s acclaimed detection and prioritization technology. Don’t have the urge to go behind your computer, simply use those two rear USB 3.2 Gen2 ports (Type-A and Type-C) and the ever-present audio jacks a try. 

6. MSI Codex R Core i7 Gaming Desktop – Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $2000

MSI Codex R Core i7 Gaming Desktop
Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $2000

Core Details:
Dimension17.0 x 8.5 x 19.6‎ ”
Graphics CardGeForce RTX 3060 Ti
Storage1TB SSD
Weight 26.4 Pounds
Product Rank#783 in Tower Computers
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

All MSI gaming PCs are built with distinct characteristics and high-end performance to provide the best gaming experience to gamers of all kinds. If you are looking for a smaller PC, a towering PC or an RGB PC, or a premium gaming computer, MSI Gaming Desktops have many options for all. MSI has a wide selection of high-quality desktops that provide you with the best gaming experience but they also work well for creating content and other energy-intensive tasks. This MSI Codex R Core i7 Gaming Desktop is designed with improved performance RT Cores as well as Tensor Cores and new multiprocessors for streaming, as well as the super-fast G6X memory to provide the most immersive gaming experience. 

Add to your gaming experience the perfect combination of MSI gaming accessories. Codex R delivers users a pro-level gaming environment. It features three 120mm (about the length of the long edge of a credit card) system fans to ensure continuous airflow, and a magnetic filter that has fine ventilation holes to ensure that it does not overheat The Codex R will remain cool even during the most intense gaming experience.  

With built-in RGB lighting, you can also animate and elevate your gaming beyond the norm by hitting the button with an LED. This will unlock the entire RGB lighting options to customize it to match your gaming. The Codex R features the latest Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax standard, with speeds up to 2.4Gbps which is three times faster than Ethernet LAN. The latency is 75% lower than the prior generation. With Wi-Fi 6, MSI is destined to end the myth of speed in wireless connections. 

  • Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $2000.
  • The PC is fitted out with an effective processor.
  • Look is very eye-catching.
  • VR ready Desktop.
  • Great Cooling.
  • Little bit noisy at max performance.

7. HP OMEN 25L Core i7 Gaming PC – Best Desktop for Web Development

HP OMEN 25L Core i7 Gaming PC
Best Desktop for Web Development and Gaming

Core Details:
Dimension‎24 x 24 x 16‎ ”
Graphics CardRTX 2060 Super
Storage1TB SSD / 2TB HDD
Weight 45 Pounds
Product Rank#563 in Tower Computers
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

The HP OMEN 25L Core i7 Gaming PC is equipped with the look and has the capacity to provide power. It is also easy to update and OMEN Command Center is designed for long-term use. There are no more excuses to lose. With a powerful OctaCore 10th generation Intel Corei 7 processor as well as the advanced NVIDIA(r) GeForce RTX 2060 dedicated graphics, it will keep you going. With a huge front fan and elevated feet, it is designed to remain cool, so you can concentrate on winning. 

Dual-channel technology lets two channels can work together to boost the speed of communication of the memory controller and RAM, thereby enhancing system performance. Experience incredible power to create and play at super-fast speeds thanks to the brand-new NVIDIA Turing technology that includes ray-tracing technologies for stunning visuals. 

Performance and productivity that is unbeatable when connected or active. Experience immersive gaming and top streaming that can reach 4K resolution, everywhere you travel. Windows 11 provides a calm and creative environment where you can discover your passions through a refreshing experience. From a refreshed Start menu to innovative ways to connect with your most loved gamers, news, people and content, Windows 11 is the perfect place to express your thoughts, think and make things happen naturally. 

  • Best Desktop for Web Development and Gaming.
  • Integrated off-the-shelf modules.
  • Decent Graphics.
  • Stunning aesthetic.
  • Not designed for the RGB enthusiasts.

8. Thermaltake AMD Ryzen 5 5600X PC – Best High End Gaming PC

Thermaltake AMD Ryzen 5 5600X PC
Best High End Gaming PC

Core Details:
Dimension26 x 24.5 x 14.3‎ ”
Graphics CardGeForce RTX™ 3060
Storage1TB SSD
Weight 47 Pounds
Product Rank#214 in Tower Computers
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

Get into the depths closed-loop cooling efficiency with Glacier 360. Glacier 360 by LCGS. The Thermaltake AMD Ryzen 5 5600X PC is powered by AMD Ryzen 5 5600X six-core processor and cool with TT cooling capabilities. Accelerate your graphics by using NVIDIA(r) GeForce RTX  3060 to experience the most recent Ray Tracing graphics and gameplay. More games can be stored with 1TB NVMe M.2 storage, stuffed inside a mid-tower chassis that features Tempered glass as well as filtration for protection and protect the present. The game can be set at high settings, and you will be around 130 FPS on average. 

The Thermaltake AMD Ryzen 5 5600X P features a combination of two front-facing fans that bring in the chilly air. There are additional three fans located at the rear and top of the case that help to eliminate warm air. They not only keep the case cool but also the AMD air cooler to ensure optimal airflow. It was designed with efficiency as well as value, it is designed to be compact enough to fit into a smaller package and be able to go wherever it is needed. It is Graphite 360 features an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor as well as an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 that is perfectly designed to put you in the race to win. It is all in a Micro tower form factor to reduce its impact on desk space.  

Enjoy the thrill of Ray Tracing along with DLSS using the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. It comes with a variety of brand-new features, and the brand-new NVIDIA Ampere architecture that is built using upgraded the RT Cores as well as Tensor Cores as well as new streaming multiprocessors and super-fast G6X memory to give you an incredible gaming experience. With the clean, minimalist design on the outside, we believe this is the ideal pair. 

  • Best High End Gaming PC.
  • Prodigious design.
  • CPU is also decent.
  • Pleasing Loop cooling.
  • Bit heavy.

9. Velztorm CTO Powerful Gaming PC – Best Gaming Computer for 2000

Velztorm CTO Powerful Gaming PC
Best Gaming Computer for 2000

Core Details:
Dimension‎17.5 x 8.7 x 18.7‎ ”
Graphics CardGeForce GTX 1660 Super
Storage1TB SSD / 1TB HDD
Weight 28 Pounds
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

The Velztorm CTO Powerful Gaming PC is designed to give you an immersive, virtual reality-ready experience. The full-sized keyboard lets you stay on top of your game, while the gaming-optimized trackpad and ergonomic mouse will keep navigation smooth and easy. It pairs well with a wealth of modern games, like Rocket League, and is ready for action with support for Windows 10. Featuring a spacious 1 terabyte hard drive and 8GB of RAM, this PC’s storage and memory will keep you gaming for years to come. From its speedy solid-state hard drive to its top-of-the-line graphics card, this PC is ready to take on any of today’s top games. The 16GB of RAM ensures that your system will have the stability and reliability needed to stay running smoothly. The dedicated graphics card also makes this PC ready for virtual reality experiences. 

The world of PC gaming is an attractive alternative for gamers. In the current PC games, experienced players quickly advance up to the next stage. Therefore, the assistance of major gamers on a desktop computer is required on this site. Its Velztorm Gladio CTO Gaming PC is in the same class. The innovative features and top-of-the-line hardware that is built into the system will pique your attention without question. The VR-ready Velztorm Gladio CTO Gaming computer offers the power required for real gaming and fun while keeping within a reasonable cost amount for the specifications it comes with. 

To let your inner talents, the computer is loaded with an enormously powerful processor and VR-Ready graphics capabilities. With this processing power, this PC is ideal for gaming at the highest-level effortless multitasking, seamless video production and intricate design work. The CLX SET is not an original gaming desktop within this price range. But its size and supply could be a problem for you, due to the shortage of graphics cards. 

  • Best gaming desktops under 2000.
  • Powerful Gaming PC.
  • Great cooling.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • N/A.

10. Lenovo Legion Tower 5 PC – Best Gaming PC for Call of Duty

Lenovo Legion Tower 5 Gaming Desktop
Best Gaming PC for Call of Duty

Core Details:
Dimension23.0 x 22.0 x 14.0‎ ”
Graphics CardGeForce GTX 1660 Super
Storage1TB GB SSD
Weight 27 Pounds
Product Rank#284 in Tower Computers
Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000
Detailed Description:

The Lenovo Legion Tower 5 PC features a beautifully designed tempered glass side panel. It has an interior layout that supports up to 5 customized storage devices, up to 5 customized fans, and up to 10 PCI Express slots inside an innovative, compact design. This is the perfect gaming tower that has the capacity, cooling and durability needed to support an intense gaming schedule. It is also perfect for virtual reality, 3D modeling, video editing, rendering and more. 

The most exciting thing is the fact that even the most affordable Legion Tower 5 model comes with an inbuilt SSD. The inclusion of one in Legion Tower 5 is a good thing, considering that the slower speed of reading of an HDD can cause a substantial performance loss when playing. 

The Legion Tower 5i comes with an attractive black and raven-colored tower chassis. The striking front-facing Legion logo and the fans that surround it are adorned with RGB lighting that is customizable via the Vantage application. Anyone who wants to show off the internals of the computer will appreciate the side panel of glass. Front and rear airflow keep this Legion Tower 5i cool with five different spots to maximize cooling. Two USB-A ports are available along with mic and headphone ports in the front. However, it would be nice to see at the very least one USB-C connection. In the rear, there are four USB-A ports. one USB-C port, 5.1 channel audio output as well as an ethernet port. 

  • Best Gaming PC for Call of Duty.
  • Outstanding gaming performance.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Effortlessly upgradable.
  • Customizable RGB light.
  • Plastic exterior.

Things to Look Out for When Buying the Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000 

PC gaming is coming towards the center of attention, particularly the latest premium or Virtual Reality games that need greater and higher efficiency from our computers. 


The correct motherboard is among the most important things to consider when making a gaming computer. It is essential to have a modular design that can be expanded with new components. It must contain at least one at least PCI Express slot. 

Furthermore, it would help to ensure that the system is compatible between RAM, mainboard, and CPU to avoid issues. It is also recommended to ensure there are sufficient connections to fans since the CPU in gaming computers can become very hot. Before purchasing the mainboard, you must know which components you will need to install on your gaming PC and connect to the mainboard. Please find more information about the most popular Gaming computer manufacturers through our additional reviews. 


If you are buying RAM, it is not necessarily better. For instance, 8GB DDR4 RAM with a higher clock rate is recommended over 16GB DDR RAM. 

To avoid having issues with memory later, It is not advisable to save the memory here. And with 16GB of DDR4 RAM, each gaming PC will perform with ease over the long run. 


Modern games often require a huge storage capacity of up 50GB or more. So, the hard drive part of the budget must be used as often as possible. 

Indeed, a powerful SSD is highly recommended, but as they remain expensive for storage of large sizes, the standard HDD can be sufficient for installing the games on it. However, an additional SSD is recommended for operating systems to ensure faster system startup. 


When choosing the correct CPU, ensure that it is suitable for the connector on the mainboard. Furthermore, some top gaming CPUs come with 8-cores that have a speed of 3 GHz. These are recommended for the best gaming experience. 

It is essential to ensure that the processor is maintained at a reasonable temperature by the CPU cooler. If you have top-quality water cooling, it is also possible to boost the CPU’s cores to maximize its performance. 

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Graphics Card 

If you are looking to purchase a graphics card, it is advised to choose the latest models as they are also geared to the demanding requirements of the latest games. The graphics card should have 2 GB, and a speed of at least 800MHz will ensure a smooth and fluid display in play. 

Power Adapter 

If you do not have the correct power source, other parts of your gaming computer have no value since they do not receive energy. Because it is the power source that is the power supply for the graphics card, CPU, and other components, the PC solely relies on its power source. It must not be of inferior quality. 

If you are using the correct power supply, It is vital to make sure that it is about 750 watts so that you can add new components without having to replace them with a new unit. And saves energy. 


The ideal housing must be equipped with adequate cooling fans to ensure that the components inside are cool. It is also recommended to have sufficient USB ports to connect any accessories like a mouse, headphones, loudspeaker, keyboard, etc. 

Best Gaming Desktop Under 2000


The ten prebuilt are all outstanding gaming performance. Although some might prefer more storage, however, the combination of high-performance CPU, GPU and RAM will be able to provide you with impressive results. There are a variety of low-cost, mid-priced, and top-of-the-line models.

The choice of which best gaming pc under $2000 you select is based on many factors, not least on the type of gaming you enjoy. With these options, you can be sure that every one of them is of excellent quality and manufactured by the most renowned companies. So all you need to think about is choosing the right specs to meet your gaming requirements. Your brand-new gaming PC will allow you to enhance enjoyment to the highest level. Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, take at the time to look through our suggested products. We hope you have the best success in your gaming! 


Can best gaming pc under $2000 be used in the workplace? 

Most definitely. Manufacturers such as HP realize that gamers do not only play games; office workers also need to be entertained in their free time. All you require to enjoy games are a strong processor, a robust GPU, and the capacity to allow the system to operate smoothly. 

Suppose you are hoping to reduce costs by using a single computer for gaming or productivity. In that case, you should choose an appropriate computer or one of these top laptops with a subtler design that blends better with your office decor. You can select several games and play amusement when you have the perfect PC. 

Is it cheaper to build or purchase gaming computers? 

This was much easier to answer in the past because prior to the outbreak, it was simpler to construct a system using individual components than to buy an already-built one. However, in 2022 even though the shortage of graphics cards is ending, the prices of graphics cards are not back to their normal levels, and you are paying more than you should build a complete system piece by piece. It could be cheaper in some cases to build using every component, but depending on which graphics card you plan to put into your system.

Is it worthwhile to buy the best gaming computer for 2000? 

Even though gaming PCs will cost more than the Xbox Series X and PS5 or PS5 at least in most situations, we believe the initial cost can be justified due to the range of the games available over consoles. For instance, PC games are more affordable than those available that are available on Sony and Microsoft systems. You also have a wider selection of options for backwards compatibility, resulting in larger digital libraries. The biggest benefit of a gaming computer is that it is, obviously, a fully equipped computer once you have removed the gaming aspect, which means it can be utilized in many ways than the typical games console. This includes work or media production, coding, and home servers. too. 

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