Top 10 Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind | 2022

Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind

When the wind picks up, umbrellas collapse. When buying the Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind, you need to consider how well it handles the wind. The reason they are called cantilever umbrellas is that they use only one point of contact on the ground to hold the entire weight of the umbrella, while they use cantilever arms to hold the canopy and the ribs. This makes them noticeably light and portable, and in some cases, they can be easily transported around in the car and pulled out to provide shade at the beach. 

An umbrella is an everyday carry item for most of us but have you ever thought about getting a cantilever umbrella for windy conditions? A cantilever umbrella is a type of umbrella that uses angled supports to extend the structure of the umbrella. It is designed in such a way that it allows the umbrella to remain open while you are walking in the wind.

They’re less likely to blow over in the wind because they have the weight of the canopy holding the umbrella down.

Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind

Recommended Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
Grand Patio Deluxe Patio UmbrellaPURPLE LEAF 11 Feet Patio UmbrellaMCADORE 10 FT Patio Umbrella
4.5 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
Cantilever Umbrella for Wind

What is a Cantilever Umbrella? 

Cantilever umbrellas are also known as offset umbrellas or hanging patio umbrellas. This umbrella is versatile and has a central base to keep it fixed on the ground. You can attach the pole to the base in a straight line like a patio umbrella, or a banana-style design. 

Cantilever umbrellas are distinguished by their angular canopy design. The umbrella cantilever function allows for tilting to different angles and shade positions. A cantilever umbrella allows you to use more shade options and maximizes outdoor space. 


Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
  1. Extra Large Patio Umbrella with Base: Grand Patio Deluxe Patio Umbrella
  2. Heavy Duty Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella: JEAREY 10FT Cantilever Patio Umbrella
  3. Best Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella: BLUU BANYAN 10 FT Patio Umbrella
  4. Commercial Grade Patio Umbrella: PURPLE LEAF 11 Feet Patio Umbrella
  5. Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrella: LE CONTE LYON 8.2 ft Patio Umbrella
  6. Sunbrella Cantilever Umbrella with Base: CloudFly 10FT Patio Umbrella
  7. Cantilever Patio Umbrella with Base: LAUSAINT HOME 11FT Patio Umbrella
  8. Heavy Duty Outdoor Umbrella: Sunnyglade 10x13Ft Patio Umbrella
  9. Cantilever Umbrella for Windy Conditions: VINEY Boulevard 9 FT Patio Umbrellas
  10. Cantilever Umbrellas for Wind: MCADORE 10 FT Patio Umbrella

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1. Grand Patio Deluxe Patio Umbrella – Extra Large Patio Umbrella with Base

Grand Patio Deluxe Patio Umbrella
Best offset patio umbrella for wind

Core Details:
ManufacturerGrand Patio
Size12 FT
MaterialPolyester & Aluminum
Product Rank#25 in Patio Umbrellas
Large outdoor umbrella with stand
Detailed Description:

Grand Patio Deluxe Patio Umbrella can be opened and closed by turning the automatic crank handle and has easy-to-walk wheels. The durable polyester canopy is designed to resist UV elements and water. The pole is a reinforced powder coated aluminum for increased corrosion resistance. Keep in the shade with an advanced auto-locking system that can adjust the angle of the canopy to match the movement of the sun during the day. 

A durable aluminum crank that can be used for opening and closing. Ergonomic and easy to use handle. The position locking system works in all directions. Disassembled umbrellas are easy to maintain and can be replaced with new ones if they break, which extends their service life. 

The two-layer awning construction enhances the breathability and durability of this patio awning. The cantilever has a sturdy iron pole and eight ribs. It makes the umbrella harder, dustier and more rust-proof. To fix the umbrella frame, you need to put 265 pounds of sand and water in its base. 

  • Best offset umbrella for wind.
  • Extra Large Patio Umbrella with Base.
  • Durable aluminum crank.
  • Double-layered canopy.
  • Expensive.

2. JEAREY 10FT Cantilever Patio Umbrella – Heavy Duty Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella

JEAREY 10FT Cantilever Patio Umbrella
Heavy Duty Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella

Core Details:
Size10 FT
Dimensions78.3 x 15.7 x 7.5 Inches
Product Rank#128 in Patio Umbrellas
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Detailed Description:

JEAREY Outdoors Collection is a sole authorized seller for authentic JEAREY patio items on Amazon. The JEAREY 10FT Cantilever Patio Umbrella provides shade for large patio spaces. There are many colors available for consumers to choose from. We have created a detailed video installation guide based on customer feedback.

The crank and tilt system makes it easy to open and close this patio umbrella. Slide and lock system allows for multiple shades. This makes it easy to keep the sun out of your home from all angles. It also creates a comfortable and cool environment for you and your family. 

This outdoor umbrella has a canopy size of 10×10 feet. It is a unique double-top canopy design that can be used for residential and commercial purposes. To adjust the angle of your garden umbrellas, the handle moves up and down on the pole. With a push of a button, you can adjust the shade angle to suit your needs. To allow heat venting and air flow, the top vent has a double-sided design. The multiple vents will allow warm air and wind to flow quickly through them, which can make patio umbrellas more stable in windy conditions. 

  • Heavy Duty Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella.
  • Best cantilever umbrella for high winds.
  • Unique top canopy.
  • Powder-coated finish.
  • Rust resistant
  • Bit Heavy.

3. BLUU BANYAN 10 FT Patio Umbrella – Best Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella

BLUU BANYAN 10 FT Patio Umbrella
Best Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella

Core Details:
Size10 FT
Dimensions82 x 13.3 x 8.5 inches
Product Rank#19 in Patio Umbrellas
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Detailed Description:

BLUU BANYAN 10 FT Patio Umbrella has been coated with a water repellent coat that increases the water repellence to 800 units. The thick fabric will protect your skin from sunburn and ensure that the color does not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. The company offers a 2-year guarantee on color stability.

Umbrella is a timeless design that takes you on a relaxing vacation at the beach. The eight Velcro straps around the umbrella’s exterior can be used to hang decorations or shine lights. The large canopy measures 10 ft and is made from 240g of solution-dyed fabric.

The joint tilt is made of PA66-enhanced, nylon. It is attached to an aluminum die-casting joint to provide additional support. To increase windproofing, the metal cover is rust-proof and the Velcro strap attaches this canopy to the pole.

This tilting system provides maximum sun protection, regardless of the time of the day. Our ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to adjust the tilt of your canopy from 90° to 180°. Our umbrella is easy to open, close, tilt, and tilt!

  • Wind resistant offset patio umbrella.
  • Classic look with floating style.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • Built with PA66-enhanced nylon.
  • Expensive in this range.

4. PURPLE LEAF 11 Feet Patio Umbrella – Commercial Grade Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella

PURPLE LEAF 11 Feet Patio Umbrella
Commercial Grade Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella

Core Details:
ManufacturerPURPLE LEAF
Size11 FT
Dimensions106 x 16.5 x 7.5 i inches
Product Rank#131 in Patio Umbrellas
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Detailed Description:

PURPLE LEAF 11 Feet Patio Umbrella has a unique top canopy design that can be used for residential and commercial use. This patio canopy is unique because it features a crank-handle design and 6 heights. It can also rotate 360 degrees for shade control. It is available in six heights and angles. Concave springs protect the ribs and cushions from accidental falls. 

Aluminum deck umbrella frames, 8 strong ribs and anti-corrosion spray paint ensure a long-life expectancy. The patio umbrella is made from 190T Oxford fabric. It is waterproof and UV-resistant, and can withstand both hot and sunny weather. The aluminum umbrella pole has a powder-coated finish that is rust resistant and durable. You will be protected from the sun with it. It can be easily opened and closed smoothly. 

  • Commercial Grade Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella.
  • Designed for both commercial and residential use.
  • Durable and affordable.
  • Compact Design.
  • N/A.

5. LE CONTE LYON 8.2 ft Patio Umbrella – Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrella

LE CONTE LYON 8.2 ft Patio Umbrella
Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrella

Core Details:
ManufacturerLE CONTE
Size8 FT
Dimensions78 x 13 x 6 inches
Product Rank#67 in Patio Umbrellas
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Detailed Description:

The LE CONTE LYON 8.2 ft Patio Umbrella is exceptionally excellent value for money. It can be adjusted in many ways, including rotating it and changing its angle. Five layers of solution-dyed canopy fabric in thick 240G ensure UV protection. The PU coating protects against light rain. Our umbrellas are well-known for their long-lasting, premium materials that can withstand fading in all weather conditions. 

The umbrella rotates 360 degrees with a simple foot pedal. This makes it easy to get the best shade. You can attach small items such as string lights, windchimes or flags to your umbrella using the Velcro straps. 

The umbrella is made from rust-free aluminum alloy and has 8 heavy duty ribs that allow it to stand strong. It can adjust to five levels of height, making it able to withstand the sun’s ever-changing rays. Multi-layer PA66 has been used to reinforce every joint. This allows it to withstand wind loads and can support more weight. Choose from one of six beautiful colors to make your outdoor space a paradise. 

  • Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrella.
  • Premium Polyester Fabric.
  • Rust-proof and powder-coated pole.
  • Affordable.
  • N/A.

6. CloudFly 10FT Patio Umbrella – Sunbrella Cantilever Umbrella with Base

CloudFly 10FT Patio Umbrella
Sunbrella Cantilever Umbrella with Base

Core Details:
Size10 FT
Dimensions81.8 x 14.3 x 7.2 inches
Product Rank#710 in Patio Umbrellas
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Detailed Description:

The CloudFly 10FT Patio Umbrella is the perfect option for any patio or deck. The patio umbrella is made from a polyester fabric that is both durable and easy to clean. This patio umbrella is easy to set up and take down, no tools or assembly are required. The polyester fabric is water resistant and does not require any special treatment. Shade outdoors can offer many benefits for the human mind, especially for people who are getting older. This is a particularly good patio umbrella and stand set that you can use for such purposes. The umbrella is a 10-foot unit and provides ample shade for two or three people. 

Designed as 10FT Patio Umbrella Square, Offset Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella, Sun Umbrella, Market Hanging Umbrella for Garden Pool and more. Made with 250 / GSM polyester fabric, equipped with high strength aluminum pole, UV resistant water resistant, color resistant feed, 8 strong umbrella ribs. The ideal patio umbrella is the one that lasts and will create the right amount of shade. The 10 FT patio umbrella is the right size that will provide the right amount of shade no matter where you are. 

With 6 heights above and below, it can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, doubling the top design, increasing air flow, ensuring product stability, and improving aesthetics. 10 feet for the canopy, 9 feet to the ground from the top, 6.8 feet from the canopy to the ground, 3.3 feet for the cross base. 

  • Sunbrella Cantilever Umbrella with Base.
  • Anti-oxidant coating.
  • Waterproof and solid construction..
  • N/A.

7. LAUSAINT HOME 11FT Patio Umbrella – Cantilever Patio Umbrella with Base

LAUSAINT HOME 11FT Patio Umbrella
Cantilever Patio Umbrella with Base

Core Details:
Size11 FT
Dimensions73.8 x 19.3 x 7.7 inches
Product Rank#345 in Patio Umbrellas
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Detailed Description:

LAUSAINT HOME 11FT Patio Umbrella is made from extra-thick aluminum. This makes it lighter and more durable. The crank lift mechanism makes it simple to open and close your umbrella in seconds. It is also more inclined than other patio umbrellas. 

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These patio umbrellas are made from heavy-duty polyester resistant fabric. They are heat efficient and provide stability. You can place it on your balcony or in your yard, where you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. You should store umbrellas in the shade or under extreme weather conditions. 

If you are looking for a marvelous accessory for your garden, then you are on the right place to buy necessary patio umbrella for it. Umbrellas are now a day becoming an essential accessory in garden because they can protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and provide you a cool place. Here, you are provided with the best piece of a patio umbrella that is a source of protection from scorching heat. This umbrella is easy to carry and can be easily installed in the patio. 

  • Cantilever Patio Umbrella with Base.
  • Ample shade.
  • Heavy-duty iron.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Available in few colors.

8. Sunnyglade 10x13Ft Patio Umbrella – Heavy Duty Outdoor Umbrella

Sunnyglade 10x13Ft Patio Umbrella
Heavy Duty Outdoor Umbrella

Core Details:
Size10 FT
Dimensions81 x 16 x 6 inches
Product Rank#83 in Patio Umbrellas
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Detailed Description:

The Sunnyglade 10x13Ft Patio Umbrella is made from 250gsm 100% polyester fabric. It has a PA coating which makes it fade and sun resistant. Additionally, it is waterproof. This offset patio umbrella can shade enough area. Its canopy size is 10x13ft. This patio umbrella can be adjusted by turning the crank or lifting it. 

The outdoor offset patio umbrella has 8 aluminum ribs. It is powder coated against corrosion and rust. An upgraded triangular structure provides stability for the umbrella. This helps reduce rocking and swaying. Simply by twisting the pole and stepping on the pedal, the patio umbrella can be turned horizontally 360 degrees. The canopy can also be adjusted to achieve maximum sun protection by the tilting 4-level adjustable tilt system. 

You can adjust the automatic lock button and turn the crank to change the angle of your canopy so that it provides maximum shade from the sun. This umbrella has a single wind vent to provide essential heat and wind ventilation. A wind vent will ensure that your umbrella is protected from heat and wind, and the product remains stable and grounded. To provide better wind resistance and stability, the cantilever umbrella has a triangular design. 

  • Heavy Duty Outdoor Umbrella.
  • Great tilting system.
  • Highly wind resistance.
  • Anti-fading fabric used.
  • N/A.

9. VINEY Boulevard 9 FT Patio Umbrella – Best Cantilever Umbrella for Windy Conditions

VINEY Boulevard 9 FT Patio Umbrellas
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Windy Conditions

Core Details:
Size9 FT
Dimensions80 x 16 x 6.5 inches
Product Rank#142 in Patio Umbrellas
Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind
Detailed Description:

VINEY Boulevard 9 FT Patio Umbrellas is the perfect patio accessory. Its elegant design adds to the overall beauty of the patio, while providing the perfect shade that you need during sweltering summer days. The aluminum pole is rust resistant, and it has a powder coated finish in black. This umbrella can withstand moderate winds. We are heading into patio season, and that means keeping cool while outside. One of the best ways to do that is with an umbrella. Keep cool with the VINEY Boulevard 9×9 FT Square Cantilever Patio Umbrella. 

The entire cantilever umbrella frame is made from aluminums. This not only makes it lighter but also increases its strength and durability. To effectively shade the sun, the rectangular cantilever umbrella features an infinite tilt system and 360-degree rotation. The umbrella’s ergonomically designed sliding handle and labor-saving pedal makes it easy to adjust. You can also open and close it easily. 

Cantilever umbrella canopy fabrics are dyed with high-quality solutions. They meet the American Standard AATCC level 5. These fabrics are resistant to fade, water repellent and can withstand sunlight. The company offers a three-year warranty on the fabric’s colorfastness. You can decorate the hanging umbrella with 8 Velcro straps along the edge of the ribs. 

  • Best Cantilever Umbrella for Windy Conditions.
  • Rust proof steel ribs.
  • Designed for commercial and residential use.
  • Excellent Durability.
  • N/A.

10. MCADORE 10 FT Patio Umbrella – Best Cantilever Umbrellas for Wind

MCADORE 10 FT Patio Umbrella
Best wind resistant cantilever umbrella

Core Details:
Size10 FT
Dimensions66 x 11.8 x 5.6 inches
Product Rank#240 in Patio Umbrellas
Best wind resistant cantilever umbrella
Detailed Description:

The MCADORE 10 FT high wind cantilever umbrella is the perfect way to add a little shade and some rain protection to your patio, deck, or sunroom. This umbrella is designed with durability and sturdiness in mind and can withstand winds up to 35mph. This umbrella has a 10′ diameter and an offset design that is perfect for outdoor use. The patio umbrellas from MCADORE are a set of beautiful and convenient patio umbrellas. They are crafted with waterproof polyester fabric as the canopy and stainless steel for the frame. 

The aluminum alloy pole is powder coated and corrosion and rust-resistant (chunky square aluminum pole). 8 strong ribs provide additional support. MCADORE market umbrellas are easy to open and close thanks to the crank-open easy-tilt mechanism. You can adjust the shading to block the sun from all directions, and block unwanted sun rays. It is cool and can withstand sudden gusts. 

The umbrella is large enough to hold your 40-to-60″ square or round table, or 5 to 6 chairs. MCADORE 10-foot high wind cantilever umbrella is an essential item for summer and sunny days to shade sunlight. It is ideal for commercial and residential use. 

  • Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella.
  • Made with non-fading Olefin.
  • Very Affordable.
  • N/A.

Important Factors to keep in wind while Purchasing the Wind Resistant Cantilever Patio Umbrella


The base that you use to support your umbrella in all weather conditions will depend on the size of your umbrella. Are you looking for an umbrella that will shade your outdoor dining area? Your umbrella should extend above the dining table by no less than two feet on either side.” This will provide optimal shade. Umbrellas can be as big as 15 feet and are available in sizes up to five feet. 


Next, decide what type of umbrella is best for you and your space. There are four main types of umbrellas to choose from rectangular umbrellas, market umbrellas (or cantilever umbrellas), rectangular umbrellas with lights, and rectangle umbrellas. Market umbrellas or patio umbrellas have a pole at the center and can fit through an outdoor dining table hole. Cantilever umbrellas can attach to a pole at one end. This makes them great for outdoor seating areas. Rectangular umbrellas are larger in diameter and can be used to cover large areas of outdoor seating or dining. You can even find patio umbrellas that have solar-powered LED lights built-in, which are great for nighttime use. If you like several features, you might find multiple styles combined into one umbrella. 

Tilting Methods

There are three ways to tilt the outdoor umbrella. You can tilt the shade umbrella to adjust the angle as the sun moves around.

  1. Collar Tilt
    This allows you to easily adjust your umbrella from a sitting position if it is possible to reach the pole (also known as the collar) of the umbrella. Simply twist the collar in the desired direction until the umbrella is at your desired angle.
  2. Crank Tilt
    You use the same crank that opens and closes the umbrella to adjust the crank tilt. This tilt method is the easiest because you do not have to move the umbrella like the collar tilt. You just turn the crank.
  3. Push Button Tilt
    This is the most difficult and often requires two people to push the button. The button should be pushed by one person. Another person will adjust the angle of the umbrella.
Canopy fabric

Choose ones that are strong, durable, resistant to mold, mildew, mildew, easy-to-clean, and provide strong UV protection. High-quality materials that are weather-resistant may be more expensive initially but will save you money. 

  1. Sunbrella fabrics

Sunbrella is the most popular outdoor fabric. It is 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic, which is soft to the touch. Sunbrella technology locks colors in by mixing them with the fabric before it is spun. Many dyeing methods only treat exteriors of fabrics, which can fade over time. This results in a stronger, more color-safe fabric. 

Sunbrella fabrics come with a three-year warranty against fading. The Skin Cancer Foundation awarded a Seal of Recommendation for Sunbrella’s effectiveness in protecting the skin from sun damage (UPF) and helping to prevent skin cancer. 

2. Oatdura, and Sponcrylic

 Oatdura is remarkably like Sunbrella. They are solution-dyed, fade-resistant, and high-quality fabrics. They are less expensive than Sunbrella. 

Olefin is another option made of synthetic polypropylene and polyethylene. Olefin can be as vibrant as Sunbrella fabrics but it is not as soft. It offers UV protection, durability, and easy cleaning. There is also a 1-year guarantee against fading. 

3. Polyester

The most used material for canopies. You can find it in many colors and designs and it is more affordable than higher-end fabrics. It is lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and quick-drying. Not all polyesters are the same. For thicker materials with higher ratings (i.e., For longer-lasting durability, choose a thicker material with a higher rating number (i.e., 250-plus grams per sq meter). Polyester is more susceptible to fading than Olefin or Sunbrella. 


After you have determined the size and style of your patio umbrella you will need some accessories. You will need to purchase an umbrella base separately as most outdoor umbrellas do not come with them. Find a freestanding umbrella base that is the right weight for your umbrella. Simply multiply your umbrella’s diameter by 10. For a 7-foot umbrella, a base must weigh at least 70 pounds. There are many options for umbrella bases, from water-filled to heavy cast iron. Bases start at $30, with higher-end models reaching $150. 

Take UV protection into consideration 

While choosing the right shade solution for your outdoor space is important, it is worth remembering that not all parasols provide the same level of UV protection. You want parasols that are as sun-resistant as possible. Look for parasols that block at least 98% UV rays. A patio umbrella made from Sunbrella(r), will provide a satisfactory level. However, a manufacturer might use a fabric with a UV rating. Make sure you check the details. 

Base weights 

A patio umbrella will not usually come with the necessary base weights to secure it. Make sure you review the details to determine if these are required. 

While it is possible to use a generic base, it is often more cost-effective to go with the recommended model by the manufacturer. This can lead to a significant increase in the price. 


An umbrella cover will protect your investment, no matter how harsh the weather is. The covers are weather-resistant and can be attached with zips or Velcro to provide extra protection. They only cover the umbrella itself (not the base or stand). Covers are available for as low as $15 or $75 and can be a valuable addition to any umbrella purchase. We have made it easy for you by selecting the best outdoor patio umbrellas that suit a wide range of purposes and spaces. 


To be able to withstand any weather, a cantilever umbrella must have a sturdy pole and frame that can support its metal ribs. 

Cantilever umbrellas typically have 8 ribs. They should be made of aluminum or steel to ensure that the canopy is strong in windy conditions. 

Double-walled steel and powder-coated aluminum are top choices for umbrellas. These materials are rust-resistant and provide the umbrella with the strength and stability it needs. It is important to note that the umbrella is designed to be used in mild winds, but it is not recommended to leave your umbrella open in intense winds. You should close the umbrella and store it until the weather improves. 


Cantilever umbrellas tend to be more expensive than market umbrellas. However, there are budget options. You should keep in mind that umbrellas with longer lifespans will cost more because they are made of stronger materials. An umbrella with basic features will cost more than one without additional features. 

Best cantilever patio umbrella for wind


The Best Cantilever Umbrella for Wind can be used outdoors in your garden, backyard, or deck. They are a fantastic way to make your neighbors jealous. It can be difficult to decide, but it does not have to be. The more expensive umbrellas use more sophisticated technologies and more durable materials such as bronze ribs. They have an offset design that has a pole on the side. These products can be tilted and angled to your liking. 

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There are many Best Cantilever Umbrellas for Wind available, so everyone should be able find one that fits them. The best outdoor umbrellas will enhance the appearance of your pool and provide shade that is comfortable and refreshing. These umbrellas can be used with chairs, tables, and loungers. 


What does a cantilever umbrella do? 

The cantilever umbrella has an offset canopy supported by a durable base and a curved rod. The canopy can be suspended over any space with the help of a strong pole and a heavy base. 

Instead of having a pole at the center, the umbrella hangs from the support arm. This provides unobstructed shade. This allows for complete sight lines and equal shade for all who are under the umbrella. 

What is the best fabric to use for umbrella canopies made from cantilever canopies? 

Sunbrella is a popular choice for cantilever umbrellas. It is weather-resistant, fade-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. 

What should you look for when buying a cantilever umbrella? 

The best umbrellas for outdoor spaces are strong, durable, and provide ample shade. You should look for weather-resistant and durable materials that can withstand the elements and remain attractive and protected throughout many seasons. 

What amount of wind can an umbrella that cantilever take? 

This is a rule of thumb: If you feel uncomfortable being outdoors due to wind, your umbrella should also feel that way.  These umbrellas are delicate and are not meant to be irreparable. You should take your umbrella inside if the wind blows so hard that you feel uneasy. 

How can I determine the right size umbrella for my cantilever? 

A good rule of thumb is to select a cantilever umbrella which extends 2 feet beyond the table or seating area. You should choose a shape that is like the outdoor space. A rectangular umbrella might look best on a rectangle balcony or above a long table. An asymmetrical square or round umbrella will balance a square patio. 

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