Top 10 Best 4k Webcam for Mac – Reviewed 2022

The Best 4k Webcam for Mac is the hottest thing in the tech world now, many customers are considering buying them, but they have no idea what they are and what they do. However, it’s not that easy for an average user to understand what and which brand to buy. Having a good webcam can make a massive difference to your business.

You aren’t just looking for a webcam that can record good video, but one that can capture good video in low light, high light, and all the settings in between. Technology moves rapidly, and it can get confusing keeping up with every new bit of information. The webcam market is no exception as it has moved from being a technology used for video conferencing to the one used for creative work. Therefore, several aspects need to be looked at to choose the best one for your needs.

Our Top Recommendations on the Best 4k Webcam for Mac:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
Logitech Brio 4K Video Webcam OBSBOT AI Powered 4K WebcamIFROO 4K Webcam with Microphone
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Best 4k Webcam for Mac

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1. Logitech Brio 4K Video Calling Webcam – Best External Webcam for Laptop

Logitech Brio 4K Video Calling Webcam
Best External Webcam for Laptop

Core Details:
Webcam Resolution‎8 MP
Dimension1 x 1 x 4 ”
Weight 5.6 Ounces
Model No960-001105
Product Rank#2 in Webcam Mounts
Best 4k Webcam for Mac
Detailed Description:

Logitech Brio 4K Ultra HD Webcam lets you look your best, even in low-light situations. Logitech RightLight 3 technology uses HDR imaging to bring out the details in the dark. 5x HD Zoom helps you get close to the details when sharing photos or videos. Adjustable microphone and camera settings let you customize your experience. Mesh cover helps keep your camera clean.

Capture videos and photos with ease, then share them with friends and family. Logitech Brio is powerful, easy to set up, and enhanced for low light. You’ll enjoy vivid, real-life details and clarity with Logitech RightLight 3. Get a smooth, natural zoom up to 5x with Logitech RightLight 3 2x digital zoom and advanced autofocus technology. With Logitech Brio, you can easily switch between the Logitech Fluid Crystal clear video and HD 720p stills in crisp surroundings.

Set up your Best External Webcam for Laptop with a few easy steps and get the best shot possible. Adjust the height and angle from your computer or mobile device as needed, even while you’re on a video call. Logitech Brio is compatible with all video chat software, including Logitech Vid; you can use your camera right out of the box.

Customize camera settings with Logitech Capture for Mac and Windows. Use Brio 4K with Logitech Harmony for added control of your home entertainment system. Logitech RightLight 3 uses the camera in low-light environments to capture more details. HDR imaging and Logitech RightLight 3, Brio 4K Ultra HD Webcam lets you look your best, even in low-light situations.

  • Best External Webcam for Laptop.
  • Ultra HD 4K resolution.
  • Great mic sound.
  • Also works with Windows Hello.
  • Highly priced.

2. OBSBOT PTZ 4K Webcam – Best Webcam for Live Streaming

OBSBOT AI Powered PTZ 4K Webcam
Best Webcam for Live Streaming

Core Details:
Dimension3.52 x 2.28 x 2.28 ”
Weight5.1 Ounces
Model NoOWB-2015-CE
Product Rank#90 in Webcam Mounts
Best 4k Webcam for Mac
Detailed Description:

OBSBOT Tiny 4K is a portable all-in-one 4K / HD webcam. It supports automatic auto exposure, so you don’t need to worry about lighting conditions. It has a large 2.5-inch screen and a 92-degree field of view. OBSBOT Tiny 4K records 4K video at 30 frames per second and 1280 x 720 video at 60 frames per second. The built-in high-sensitivity microphone records the sound clearly with noise reduction even when talking at a distance of 3 metres away.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K integrates the best in class Sony 1/2.8” sensor into the OBSBOT Tiny 4K, now has more pixels than ever and presents crystal-clear video even when zoomed-in. OBSBOT Tiny 4K comes with our Next-Gen enhanced artificial-intelligence tracking algorithm enabling it to lock on a person, follow a person, and track it across a room.

  • Best Webcam for Live Streaming.
  • PTZ functionality.
  • Fast Tracking.
  • High Quality 4K Streaming Webcam.
  • Expensive.

3. NexiGo 4K Zoomable Webcam – Best Webcam for Macbook Pro

NexiGo 4K Zoomable Webcam
Best Webcam for Macbook Pro

Core Details:
Digital Zoom‎ 5 x
Dimension‎5.98 x 2.12 x 1.78 ”
Weight1.06 Pounds
Product Rank#94 in Webcam
Best Webcam for Macbook Pro
Detailed Description:

Improve the quality of your live video chats. This NexiGo N950P 4K Zoomable Webcam improves the look of everything you do online. Record your Skype sessions or live stream yourself in action.

The NexiGo webcam is compatible with USB-A as well as USB-C input ports. Both cables are included. A webcam privacy cover is also included to provide security and peace of mind. Built-in dual omnidirectional mics with noise cancellation ensure that you get clear audio from every angle. Automatic low-light correction provides ideal video even in dim lighting conditions.

The super-wide-angle is an added advantage, which lets you take images and videos of yourself or your surroundings without having to step back, thus saving time and space. The native QHD resolution at 30fps is an advantage that allows you to view the details that a conventional webcam fails to show. The privacy cover is removable if needed. No matter where your day takes you, the NexiGo 4K Zoomable Webcam will be sure to enhance your experience.

  • Best Webcam for Macbook Pro.
  • Smooth autofocus.
  • Mic performance is great.
  • Excellent low-light performance.
  • No HDMI port.

4. DEPSTECH 4K Webcam – Best Budget Webcam for Streaming

DEPSTECH 4K Webcam with Microphone
Best Budget Webcam for Streaming

Core Details:
Resolution‎ 3840*2160
Dimension‎5.35 x 2.12 x 2.0 ”
Weight10.5 Ounces
Model NoDW49
Product Rank#41 in Webcam
Best 4k Webcam for Mac
Detailed Description:

Capture your world in a whole new way with the DEPSTECH Best Budget Webcam for Streaming. Link your FaceTime, Skype, or other video chat platform to this camera to instantly add HD video to your home or office communication. A built-in microphone will make your voice heard clearly through any platform, and the flexible rubber bracket can be shaped to any angle to suit your needs.

DEPSTECH 4K Webcam with Microphone is a webcam with an 8MP Sony sensor 1/3″ CMOS image sensor features up to a 3840*2160 resolution at 30 fps. It is ideal computer camera for keep your face focused at all times. Furthermore, the webcam with a microphone with automatic noise reduction make your voice clearer and stereophonic under background noise. You can rotate it in all directions, very flexible and adjustable. Anyhow, it is a perfect companion for your PC, laptop, tablet and so on.

  • Best Budget Webcam for Streaming.
  • Affordable 4k Webcam.
  • Decent autofocus.
  • Wide-angle lens.
  • N/A.

5. Dell UltraSharp 4K Sony STARVIS Webcam – Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings

Dell UltraSharp 4K Sony STARVIS Webcam
Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings

Core Details:
Dimension3.7 x 16.54 x 16.54 ”
Weight10.2 Ounces
Model NoWB7022
Product Rank#338 in Webcam Mounts
Best 4k Webcam for Windows
Detailed Description:

The Dell HDR webcam delivers professional-grade video quality. The HDR 4K webcam includes a 4K Sony Starvis CMOS sensor to capture sharp, clear and vivid content. When working at a distance, a High Dynamic Range setting allows you to adjust exposure and gain settings to compensate for lighting in the environment. The webcam also features automatic scenes that will change settings based on your domain.

A webcam should be about communicating, not about features and settings. Dell’s 4K UltraSharp Multi-Touch Webcam has all the features you need to make your video calls look and sound great. In addition, you can interact naturally with family and friends using the included Dell Visor, which provides a hands-free way to wave, gesture and employ other Dell Active Pen 2 features. Get closer to the people you care about with Dell’s 4K UltraSharp Multi-Touch Webcam.

Automatically log in with Windows Hello with Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam. Dell’s webcam has a privacy shutter cap, which allows you to conveniently snap the cover on the lens and keep it protected when not in use. As you approach your webcam, Dell ExpressSign-in wakes your laptop from sleep mode and logs you in using Windows Hello facial recognition. Included software offers more login options, so you can use your fingerprint, a PIN, or the webcam, whichever is most convenient. In addition, this webcam features a cable management slot, so you can keep your desk nice and tidy with a neatly organized cable.

  • Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings.
  • Crisp detail.
  • Smart AI features.
  • Provides low light capability.
  • Highly customizable.
  • No mic.

6. AVMP 4K Webcam with Microphone – Best Budget Webcam for Mac

AVMP 4K Webcam with Microphone
Best Budget Webcam for Mac

Core Details:
Resolution‎4K, 2K
Dimension‎5 x 2.95 x 6.58 ”
Weight1.7 Ounces
Model No4K8MPRL
Product Rank#326 in Webcam Mounts
Best 4k Webcam for Mac
Detailed Description:

Capture every precious moment you share with your family and friends. Take the most amazing selfies, both indoors and outdoors. Then, make a video call in HD using your favorite messenger service. The AVMP Best Budget Webcam for Mac delivers crisp, clear video at the fastest speeds and even lets you use your webcam in low-light. Its Dual Mic with noise-cancelling technology picks up your voice and not the surrounding noise for clear communication.

The AVMP 4K Webcam with Microphone is a Full HD 1080p (30fps) webcam with a built-in microphone. Its 360-degree rotating stand allows you to position the webcam in any direction you need it quickly. The included tripod will enable you to set up the webcam on a table or surface that may be further out of reach. The dual MIC technology with noise-cancelling technology allows you to pick up your voice and not the surrounding noise. This is ideal when you are in a conference call or gaming. The privacy lens cover allows you to cover the lens when using the webcam in a confined space or during video calls.

  • Best Budget Webcam for Mac.
  • Autofocus is amazing.
  • Clear and sharp picture.
  • N/A.

7. IFROO 4K Webcam – Best 4k Webcam for Windows

IFROO 4K Webcam with Stereo Microphone
Best 4k Webcam for Windows

Core Details:
Lens TypeHD, Wide-angle
Dimension4.7 x 2.2 x 2.2 ”
Weight12.6 Ounces
Model NoA300
Product Rank#465 in Webcam
Best 4k Webcam for Mac
Detailed Description:

With the IFROO 4K Webcam, you can casually capture the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of your life with your family and friends. It supports 4K UHD image processing technology and HD dynamic range image, guaranteeing you with a 3840 × 2160 high resolution, which delivers an incredible image clarity, and you can also enjoy it on a 4K TV or a 4K PC at home.

You can also use the IFROO app to broadcast or record videos to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, Ustream, and more. So whether you’re streaming video games, tutorials, hands-on product reviews, vlogging, or any other live content, the IFROO 4K Webcam is perfect for use as a PC webcam. It’s also great for recording high-quality videos, chatting with friends, and home security.

  • Best 4k Webcam for Windows.
  • 30fps fluency mode transmission.
  • Widely Compatible.
  • USB Plug and Play Device.
  • Slightly Havier.

8. AVerMedia 4K UHD Webcam – Best Webcam for Twitch

AVerMedia 4K UHD Webcam
Best Webcam for Twitch

Core Details:
Webcam Resolution‎ 4K
Dimension6.6 x 4.5 x 2.6 ”
Weight13.8 Ounces
Lens TypeWide Angle
Product Rank#165 in Webcam Mounts
Best Webcam for Twitch
Detailed Description:

AVerMedia’s Webcam is the latest 4K ultra-high-definition webcam perfect for capturing videos and live streams in the highest visual quality. With the ability to capture 4K – 3840 x 2160p at 30 frames per second, it’s ideal for streaming and recording 4K ultra-high-definition content to YouTube, Facebook, or other social media websites. Upload, edit and post videos in 4K ultra-high-definition to Facebook, YouTube, or other social media websites. The webcam’s high frame rate and resolution deliver smooth and clear Ultra HD quality. It’s also great for gaming and desktop video conferencing with family and friends.

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AVerMedia PW513 4K UHD USB 3.0 Webcam combines high video resolution with USB 3.0 fast transmission speed. It also supports hardware encoding of up to 30fps, which means that you can save time and effort without losing image quality. In addition, AVerMedia PW513 is a plug-and-play USB camera, so there is no need for an additional power supply and drivers. This webcam delivers high-quality video during meetings, Skype calls and recording with a high-quality wide-angle lens and built-in noise reduction technology. Plus, its small and lightweight design makes it easy to carry with laptops and tablets.

  • Best Webcam for Twitch.
  • It has ePTZ and auto framing capability.
  • Delivers 4K Ultra HD video at 30 or 60 fps.
  • N/A.

9. ELECOM 4K AI Auto-Tracking Webcam – Best Webcam for PC and Mac

ELECOM 4K AI Auto-Tracking Webcam
Best Webcam for PC and Mac

Core Details:
Webcam Resolution‎Ultra 4K HD
Dimension8.98 x 6.14 x 2.13 ”
Weight4.4 Ounces
Product Rank#487 in Webcam Mounts
Best 4k Webcam for Mac
Detailed Description:

ELECOM 4K AI Auto-Tracking Webcam, 16MP, Selfie Stick, Face Tracking Algorithm This ELECOM 4K Auto-Tracking Webcam can capture 4K video at 30 frames per second. It supports face-tracking technology, digital zoom and video rotation. In addition, it features an integrated intelligent processor for auto-tracking faces.

The automatic face tracking algorithm can even tell the difference between you, your friends and other people. This webcam is designed to help you make the best quality videos from your PC. It has a built-in pop-up stand and can be used horizontally or vertically. It is perfect for web conferences and remote customers. With 4K recording, you can take high-quality images and videos of your family to share with the world.

  • Best Webcam for PC and Mac.
  • The ultra wide angle is up to 130 degrees.
  • It has high quality 8.6 megapixel CMOS Sensor.
  • AI powered 4K Webcam.
  • Expensive.

10. Enther & MAXHUB 4K Webcam – Best Webcam for Streaming Video Games

Enther 4K Webcam with Microphone
Best Webcam for Streaming Video Games

Core Details:
Webcam Resolution4k
Dimension4 x 2 x 2 ”
Weight8.4 Ounces
Model NoEnther-SC26A
Product Rank#392 in Webcam Mounts
Best 4k Webcam for Mac
Detailed Description:

With their compact and stylish design, the Enther & MAXHUB webcam can easily capture every moment in the conference room, clearly show the details, and achieve zero-distance communication with the remote conference site. In addition, 2D & 3D DNR technology in Enther & MAXHUB webcam delivers incredible image quality, even in low light conditions.

Enther, Best Webcam for Streaming Video Games is an excellent HD USB camera for recording your videos during study or work time. Point the Enther 4K Webcam at your eyes and speak to your students or hold it above your laptop screen to face your audience. Provide high-definition 60 frames per second, 1920*1080 pixels recording for perfect picture quality. Enther 4K Webcam captures crystal clear videos for your movies, movies or work. In addition, the Enther 4K Webcam can be used to record your live performances, streams, YouTube videos, or anything else you’d like to record.

Enjoy Face to Face Communication with the Enther 4K Webcam. With the Enther 4K Webcam, you can enjoy high-quality 4K video and 2-megapixel image quality for video chats, home video recording, and more. This webcam’s compact, USB-powered design allows you to bring it with you wherever you go quickly. The Enther 4K Webcam can easily capture every moment in the conference room, clearly show the details, and achieve zero-distance communication with the remote conference site.

  • Best Webcam for Streaming Video Games.
  • Noise cancellation Technology.
  • Provides clear video in any low light.
  • Video compression is present.
  • Update manually.

Benefits of Buying the Best 4k Webcam for Mac

  • Most of us are using the webcams, but no one knows about the webcam features; that is why we have showcased the features of the 4k webcams.
  • 4k video resolutions are the latest trend, and there are many 4k webcams on the market nowadays. A webcam is a piece of hardware used for video conferencing. It is a device that connects to a computer system or computer network.
  • It can be used for video calling and streaming video content to a computer in real-time. A webcam needs to have a camera lens and a microphone to do this. The camera lens is used to capture photographs, while the microphone records sound.
  • Using a 4K video for web conferencing can result in large file size for one individual video.  Furthermore, the larger the file size, the longer it takes to upload and download.  Hence, it is vital to use the best webcams while producing webinar videos.
  • In today’s time, we frequently shoot videos and shoot videos. Today, many people shoot videos in the form of a profile of the company, their brand, or any product. If you plan to shoot a video, you should buy the best quality camera you can afford. That camera is the 4k web camera. There are some excellent benefits of purchasing the 4k web camera.
Best 4k Webcam for Mac


With the help of a webcam, you can make video calls, enjoy web meetings and even broadcast your media content. With the increasing popularity of webcams, there is a lot of variety regarding the features of the webcams. Webcams are now available in many types and with various features. When it comes to purchasing the best webcam for Mac, many things must be considered. Therefore, we wrote this article to guide you towards the best webcam for Mac. We have explained the different types of webcams and have given you a list of the best webcams available on the market.

First things first, let’s know the definition of a 4K webcam. 4K webcams are four times better than the traditional 1080p HD webcams. So, if you want to buy the best 4K webcam for your Mac, you need to know the answer to the below-mentioned questions.

Finally from the list above these are the Best 4k Webcam for Mac in 2022:
  1. Logitech Brio 4K Video Calling Webcam
  2. OBSBOT PTZ 4K Webcam
  3. NexiGo 4K Zoomable Webcam
  4. Dell UltraSharp 4K Sony STARVIS Webcam
  5. IFROO 4K Webcam for Windows
  6. AVerMedia 4K UHD Webcam
  7. Enther 4K Webcam for Streaming Video Games


Do 4k Webcams have autofocus?

The answer is yes, for the utmost part. Some of the top 4k cameras like the Logitech c920, c922, and c930e have autofocus in their native resolutions. Other cameras like the Logitech c922x, c930e, and c930e have autofocus in their highest video resolution.

So if you’re looking for a 4k webcam with autofocus, we recommend getting a camera that has autofocus no matter what video resolution you’re using.

Is a 4k webcam better than a laptop camera?

4k webcams often have high-quality components that provide resolution, speed, color balance. And better noise reduction. With more and more persons opting to buy laptops, they must realize that the camera quality on their laptops can be limited.

If you want a high-quality camera, you may want to consider purchasing a webcam. Today’s article will discuss why a 4k webcam is better than a laptop camera.

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